AcceleGlove, a programmable glove with motion sensor


AcceleGlove is a glove invented by the American company AnthroTronix in collaboration with the United States Department of Defense . In principle it was going to be used for remote control of robots, but many other applications have been found for this glove, such as playing video games, or translating sign language, and it is capable of recognizing movement.

The key is in the accelerometers built into the fingers and palm of the hand. It is connected to a computer by means of a USB cable , through which it also receives power, avoiding having to put batteries on it. In addition, it is programmable , in such a way that anyone with computer skills can create their own applications that take advantage of the functions of the glove.

The glove is sold together with the SDK (software development kit) so that everyone can use the glove as they prefer. So to speak, AcceleGlove is just a tool with various utilities , what we use it for we will have to think about it ourselves. That is one reason why its price is so low, only 500 dollars, 350 euros at the current exchange rate . That if we take into account that it costs, in reality, between 1,000 and 3,000 euros.

Being able to develop our own applications has advantages , such as the fact that we can use it for whatever we want , be it controlling a computer, playing a video game, or using it in surgery, such as the Da Vinci Surgical System . But it also has disadvantages, and if we do not know how to develop them we will not be able to take advantage of it.


We have the possibility of using two gloves at the same time , one for each hand. In addition, an accelerometer for the elbow is sold as an option , so that it not only detects the movement of the hand, but also the arm. It has been on sale since last May of this year , and can be purchased from the AnthroTronix company website .

Via: PopSci