Muzo, the crowdfunding cone of silence smells like deception

Muzo, the crowdfunding cone of silence smells like deception

The idea of Muzo , to say the least, is attractive. It is a device that promises to eliminate street noise, ensuring a full rest . Its financing has been through crowfunding, exceeding the initial amount by 500% (almost two million euros on Indiegogo and more than half a million on Kickstarter). The problem is, right now, it  smells like deception .

Muzo appeared in 2016 as a device that soundproofed our house, but to make it happen they looked for micro inverters on pages like Indiegogo or Kickstarter. The budget was 100,000 euros , something that they far exceeded.

It was a smart device that emitted vibrations when placed on a flat surface , such as a window. In other words, what I did was create a kind of film that protected us from noise , choosing whether we wanted serenity, sleep or privacy. It also gave us the option of sleeping making relaxing sounds.

Muzo smartphone

The only response from the creators of Muzo

Through Kickstarter, the creators have responded in a general message to users . They apologize for the delay and urge their users to read the March update. They point out that it tells the reasons for the delay and the new release date . Still, they comment that an update will be made that should have corresponded to April - we will enter in June soon.

They explain that for them this situation is being very stressful since they have had to delay the launch for two months . So they ask for patience, and they ensure that they do not forget their promises - although the shipping dates are unknown. They assure that they continue to work hard in Muzo just when the comments continue to influence that we are facing a new fraud in the world of modern patronage.

Bitter complaints from Muzo's patrons

“Give me back my money as soon as possible” is the first comment we found on Indiegogo, written by Daniel Fischman on May 24th. "Please give me all the money back, I am disappointed with the after-sales service, it seems a scam." These are some of the messages that can be read in your crowdfunding campaign .

The most cautious ask when their devices will be shipped. Or they even give advice on failed company communication. "Any idea when shipments will start? Communication reduces our anxiety ", they request from Indiegogo.


About 24 hours after starting to write this article, the comments are still in the same vein. Questions about when they will start testing Muzo, and except for a minimum communication, the developers are not reporting monthly on their progress. From we have contacted them, but without getting a response. On Twitter they have only posted a message, already in 2016, on Instagram no publication and their Facebook has not been updated since July 7, 2016. Disturbing.

There are fewer comments on Kickstarter, where the project is also, but the doubts are the same. A user says “obviously it's a fraud, please give us the money back”. In fact, in one of the comments, you can see a Facebook address called “muzo5cam”. Here it is denounced that this crowfunding is a scam, as has happened with many others.

The person who puts that Facebook address explains the steps to follow to make a fraud. “Create the project, pay others to design photos and short videos . Add more things each week until you get the money . Wait for everyone to pay with the credit card so that they cannot make a complaint, stop updating the publications, do not talk about problems and take the two million of the project. Then you say that you are sorry, that you have had design problems and that you will not be able to carry out the project ”.

Muzo, theoretically, was emerging as the solution for all those who suffer from noise pollution in their homes. But for the moment, it aims to be more of a fictional device than reality.