Facebook video spreads with hidden virus

Facebook video spreads with hidden virus

It is not the first time that viruses have spread through Facebook. In the last few days a new infection has appeared that spreads through a video, prompting the recipient to click on it. Many users are already receiving it and some have been infected with it. The problem is that when you get infected, you spread it to your contacts.

There are two ways to receive this infection, either through a message on Facebook inviting us to watch a video or by tagging us . Whether we click on it to see it or download it, we could infect the device we are using. And it will not only affect us, it will also spread to all our contacts.

How to detect the new virus that is being sent by Facebook?

When there is an infection of this type, usually the first thing that stands out is the name of the file. This is how we are going to find that what they will send us to open will be called "Video" followed by a numbering . It almost always follows the same pattern, but with possible variations so that its detection is not so simple.

Keep in mind that there may be variations, but more or less it always follows the same style. From "Video" to "My first video", "My video" or "Private video". But later with a numbering. The claim, on this occasion, an alleged video with sexual content . So be very careful if we get a message of this type or if we are tagged in a publication.

In the event that we click on the video or download it, it will seem that we are going to see something but nothing is further from reality. What we will be doing is infecting ourselves and incidentally, making our contacts reach the same virus, expanding the range of infection.

A new virus spreads on Facebook

What do I do if I have been infected with this virus that circulates on Facebook?

In the event that we have accidentally hit the video, the first thing to do is change the Facebook password. The next step is to analyze the computer with an antivirus or any other solution to eliminate the malware that we have on the computer.

And finally, do a thorough review of the equipment. Analyze if there is any strange program installed, or if we have a plugin that does not sound installed in our browser. All this can cause us to be sending spam without knowing it.