Panasonic CS520, CS510 and CS500, 50, 40, 32 and 24-inch Full HD TVs

Panasonic CS520, CS510 and CS500

Panasonic has presented different news regarding televisions in recent days. They have been presented from higher-end televisions such as the Panasonic CR850 series to more affordable televisions such as the Panasonic CS630 series , passing through intermediate ranges such as the Panasonic CX750 series . The most affordable of all the series that Panasonic has introduced is the one that includes the Panasonic CS520 , Panasonic CS510 and Panasonic CS500 ranges . These televisions will begin to arrive in stores in Europe from the month of April , and we will tell you the characteristics that each one of them includes.

We will start by talking about the Panasonic CS520 series . Included in this series are two different panel sizes set at 50 inches (126 centimeters) and 40 inches (102 centimeters). In both cases, we are talking about panels LED LCD reaching a resolution Full HD with 1,920 x 1,080 pixels . These same panels offer a frequency set at 100Hz , incorporate Adaptive Backlight Dimming technology and the viewing angle they offer when viewing the screen from different positions is 176 degrees .

The sound that accompanies these televisions depends on the screen size, although at first we are talking about speakers that offer 20W output power . These speakers are also backed by V-Audio sound technology .

Panasonic CS520, CS510 and CS500

As regards the connectivities of television series CS520 , CS510 and CS500 from Panasonic , the physical connections they share in common these televisions are two HDMI inputs , a USB 2.0 port , a LAN port , an optical output audio and a headphone output , in addition to the usual TV connectivity. They also incorporate wireless WiFi connectivity .

The Panasonic CS520 , CS510 and CS500 series belong to the category of Smart TVs , which means that they incorporate an interface ( My Home Screen ) that allows you to access applications, view files stored in external storage memories and, in general, perform actions that go beyond the simple viewing of live television. This means that on the televisions of this series it is possible, for example, to install and use applications related to video viewing or radio station playback.

Panasonic has not confirmed the data related to the starting price of these televisions, and the only thing we know for now is that the arrival on the European market of the CS520 , CS510 and CS500 series is scheduled for the month of April . As the launch date approaches, we will learn more details related to the price of these televisions.