'La bola de cristal' or 'Verano azul' come free to the TVE channel on YouTube

'La bola de cristal' or 'Verano azul' come free to the TVE channel on YouTube

Attention nostalgic, people who did the GBS and those who firmly believe that there was no better time to be young than during the 80s, this news will make your mouth water. TVE is preparing the landing of two of the most recognizable (and recognized) icons in its history, the children's and youth program ' La bola de cristal ' and the famous family series ' Verano azul ' on its YouTube channel.

'La bola de cristal' and 'Verano azul', intact on YouTube

The viewer can follow all the news that will be included in this new YouTube channel of TVE through their Twitter account. Just a week ago today, TVE decided to launch the channel 'Archivo 80-90 RTVE' above all for two main reasons: to release a huge amount of archive material owned by RTVE, which was required by all those who consumed it in their time (we already know how much nostalgia sells, and more in these times) and also to have all this material organized, in the same place, in free public view, and thus avoid it being disordered and scattered, uploaded by anonymous users who submit their recordings of the time.

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The matter is classified and ordered by a staff of only two people, as reported by El País, and who also keep the Twitter account. This account has already had several viral successes, such as the interview with Freddy Mercury and Montserrat Caballé on the occasion of their performance in Barcelona '92 and the casting video of a very young Jorge Sanz for ' Verano azul '.


Right now, on the TVE YouTube Archive channel we can see complete programs of the mythical program 'Hola Raffaella', presented by the Italian singer Raffaella Carrá, the first two chapters of the series' La forja de un rebelde 'and the first of' The footprint of crime ', a stark portrait of some of the most shocking events in our history. The channel will be adding material on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays of each week and will include mythical spaces of Spanish television such as 'La bola de cristal', a milestone of the counterculture and audiovisual spirit of the 80s and 'Verano azul', a series that has left an indelible mark on multiple generations of viewers. We hope that other programs as relevant in the history of our country as the musical ' The Golden Age'. Today it is confirmed that, through this new YouTube channel, the series 'Curro Jiménez' will be published in its entirety as well as the most famous contest on Spanish television, 'Un, dos, tres'.

The job of collecting the file is enormously difficult. Not so much because of the volume itself of the material they are working with, but to give it an attractive starting order to hook all those viewers who were born with 1980s television. This was stated in an interview with El País by the director of Documentation of TVE Alberto de Prada. They want this TVE archive channel on YouTube to be a mirror of what is already on the archive website. Of course, we will surely miss well-known examples since each content must be uploaded, having previously closed any issue regarding rights and other factors that escape the hand of RTVE.