The ugliest websites in the history of the Internet

The ugliest websites in the history of the Internet

Get ready for a tour of the darker side of the Internet. And we don't mean the dark web. No. But to terribly designed websites. Ugly, very ugly. Because there was a time when the Internet was a fertile ground for animated banners, infernal fonts, jumbled sections and designs in the catalog of horrors. If you are brave enough, you will be prepared for your retinas to travel through the past, and the present, of the worst websites on the Internet.

Warning : the images you will see below may hurt your sensitivity.

This page seems to be a juice distributor for preschool and school centers. What it undoubtedly is, is one of the worst websites we have seen. Loud colors, a photo of a small child with sandwiches and comic sans ... The horror. The sheer horror . If you dare to enter, click on the title link. If not, this capture should be enough to deter you.

ugliest pennyjuice webs

Chichilo Cantina in Buenos Aires

We have come across letters that move. An immense 'Tripe Italian style' welcomes us. It hits us all over the face with its magenta background and yellow lettering. What have we done to deserve this? An infinite scroll gives us a succession of letters, colored sections and a wonderful claim: "See the complete video of murderous women, recorded in Cantina Chichilo."

chichilo cantina

James Bond Museum

James Bond is a character who is characterized mainly by his elegance, his British phlegm, his good manners and manners. An intelligent, seductive guy, who enters through the eyes. Who, in general, cares about doing good. Well, just the opposite that the page of your museum pretends. 007, license to scare.

james bond museum

Holy war

Nobody can tell us what this place is about, called 'Holy War' . There is a cross, horrible block letters with a ghostbuster green color, a phrase, Let there be light! and another: 'As long as we breathe, we will defend'. And a web address. We are not going to write to you. If you dare to do so, we decline any responsibility.

The Ugliest Websites in Internet History 1

Indescribable. As if from a catalog of articles without rhyme or reason. That is Arngren. A bunch of very poor quality photographs locked in a disorganized and chaotic cell . A website not suitable for epileptics. Not for diabetics. A website for anyone, in general. And if not, take a look at the catch.

The Ugliest Websites in Internet History 2


We challenge you to rent a car on this page. Surely, after a walk on the web, you will lose the desire to travel. Enough trip you will have had with this panorama of comic letters , creepy gifs, crappy animations ... A delight for the senses.

The ugliest websites in Internet history 3


We also do not know what this website is about. We assume that it is something childish, but also terrifying: you just have to see the grotesque sun that watches over everything, or that little donkey whose eyes do not stop rolling. And what about the animations of balls, kittens, emojis toasting with a mug of beer, a blurry photo of a kid drinking beer ! Hopefully the drink was non-alcoholic.


The Slide Rule Universe

No, we don't really know what this website is about either. Something from space and the universe . What we do know very well is that this website is the perfect example of what not to do.

slide rule universe