TrumpDonald, the addictive minigame of the US president

trump donald

The United States has already elected a new president. He is the 45th president in the history of American democracy and comes from the Republican party. Yes, by now everyone knows who Donald Trump is . A billionaire who inherited his father's fortune and became famous by ruling the Miss Universe beauty pageant . After a heart-stopping presidential race fighting the progressive and uncharismatic Hillary Clinton , the blonde septuagenarian will arrive in January at the White House . Something that has not gone down too well on the Internet. And that is precisely what we are here to talk about.

And is that after the memes and reactions of disbelief, fear and humor seen on the Internet, there are also those who have decided to channel all those emotions and do something creative. We refer to the website , which presents a simple minigame or hobby that can be really addictive, especially among the detractors of this tycoon turned irreverent politician.

trump donald

This website plays with the name of the next president and trump-eats it without any qualms with the sole intention of satisfying the Internet users who come here. There is no challenge or goal, just enjoy the movement of Trump's vigorous and almost impossible toupee to the sound of the trumpet that revolves around him. Halfway between the meme, mockery and a little revenge , this entertainment will steal a few minutes of your time before you sit back in peace with the world for having mocked the new president unfavorably US AND is that being controversial is what it has.

The page works both through the browser on computers and mobile phones . Something that makes it accessible to any type of user, wherever they are. It is enough to wait a few seconds while the contents of it are loaded, which consist of the face of the aforementioned Donald , his blond hair, and the trumpet that will delight the most vengeful.

trump donald

With a click of the mouse or with a finger on the screen , it is possible to sound the trumpet on the face of the new North American president, getting him to wrinkle the gesture and, best of all, to make his long and picturesque toupee fly . So in any direction. As long as you want. Without any kind of punishment in return. Just for the sake of being able to do it. And with the fun result of seeing the hairs move agitatedly thanks to the wind produced by the trumpet. Also, as if it were not enough fun, every certain number of trumpets, a shower of confetti shoots out from the trumpet, making the scene more ridiculous and hilarious.

Without a doubt, a cartoon with a great touch of humor and that hooks for a good amount of minutes. And not just us. Proof of this is the global horn blast counter that appears in the lower left corner of the screen and which, at the time of publication of this article, already totals more than 137 million blasts . It is really addictive.