Samsung tips for taking better photos with the Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung tips for taking better photos with the Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the most powerful devices on the market. And that with an account with the dual camera system that has become so fashionable in recent times. The current flagship of Samsung, with his brother the Samsung Galaxy S8 +, enjoys a unique 12 - megapixel sensor .

The camera in question stands out because in addition to being good, it has a fairly basic operation. This means that anyone, no matter how much a hobbyist (or not even that), can take images in superb quality . We have verified its operation.

However, the camera itself is a perfectly valid tool for more expert users. Especially because it includes a Pro Mode with which we can play a little more . And this will delight those who do know what they have in hand.

There are not a few users - amateurs and even professionals - who use this smartphone for their creations. They do it because they know that the results are really good . And these technologies, even if they are attached to a mobile phone, have evolved a lot in recent years.

Now the Samsung company has just published a series of videos on YouTube. In these it shows and highlights some features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 camera . If you want to discover these tips and put them into practice, just keep reading and watching these videos.

Samsung Galaxy S8, photos in very low light

Who has not happened? You want to take a picture of your child while they sleep, but there is no way a decent photo will come out in such dark conditions. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a mobile especially suitable for taking photos in poorly lit scenes .

This is thanks to the F1.7 lens and at 1.4µm, which provide more light if there is not enough. This way, your photo will not be a black blur . Just what you see in reality will appear.

Captures with different perspectives

The Samsung Galaxy S8 camera gives a lot of play. So much so that you can capture from different perspectives. And if you want, play around with selective focus. You will be able to capture the depth of field after taking the photo and you will have the opportunity to focus up close, far or in panoramic format.

Stickers and masks

Stickers and skins are no longer the exclusive property of Snapchat or Facebook. Within the camera application you can access a wide assortment of stickers and masks to have fun with your selfies and have a good time. Just stand in front of the camera and then click on the skin section. Insert the one you like the most!

Expert shots

We have already told you that the Samsung Galaxy S8 camera has a Pro Mode, a kind of expert mode with which you can make your captures a little more sophisticated. From the controls, you just have to activate the mode and then manipulate the different parameters: lower the ISO, reduce the capture speed, and so on.

Quick swap between cameras

One of the most annoying things when you activate your mobile camera to take a photo of your cat is that it is in selfie mode. Luckily, with the Samsung Galaxy S8 this has a very quick fix. You will only have to slide your finger on the screen. And ready!

Translate via Bixby Vision

Another interesting thing that the Samsung Galaxy S8 camera does: connect with Bixby Vision to get us out of a trouble in language matters . You'll get a lot out of it when you're in a restaurant and don't know what the hell bratkartoffeln can be .