The Disney Afternoon Collection brings you retro games from Capcom and Disney

The Disney Afternoon Collection, the games of your childhood come to Steam

The retro and the nostalgic sells. At least it is the current trend in the world of technology and video games. And is that, with an industry (that of electronic entertainment) of more than 30 years of tradition, there are many titles that are forgotten. Or rather in memory. If you played with Disney's cute Chip and Chop or Scrooge, Capcom has made a compilation of their retro games and it's now available for PC through the Steam platform. It's called The Disney Afternoon Collection and we've already tried it.

For 20 euros, players who comb gray hair will be able to relive classic moments of their childhood thanks to Capcom and the Disney characters of a couple of decades ago. This compilation includes six titles. Namely: Chip ”˜n Dale Rescue Rangers, Chip” ˜n Dale Rescue Rangers 2, Darkwing Duck, DuckTales, DuckTales 2 and TaleSpin . Retro games that have been enjoyed on the classic NES or later Gameboy reviews.

Taste for retro

The Disney Afternoon Collection features a common menu for all of these games. Most repeat patterns of gameplay and control, so it is not too difficult to combine them within the same interface . You just have to move around the carousel to choose which adventure to relive and start playing. The rest is exactly like in the classic titles. And it is not a remake, but a compilation that fully respects the original titles.

Of course, this new interface scales the graphics to 1080 pixels of resolution to enjoy it with quality on any screen. In addition, the player can configure the appearance of the interface, either hiding it or deforming the image to see everything in full screen. The sound has also been adapted and, while still piercing, its MIDI melodies sound without distortion.

The Disney Afternoon collection

Extras that justify the purchase

Nostalgia and compatibility to forget about emulators is not the only excuse to launch this compilation. Disney and Capcom have also created a few extras that fans of these games will enjoy. There are new timed modes to beat the final enemies or to overcome levels. In this way it is possible to share brands and create a real competition between friends. Something that extends the duration of these retro games. Galleries have also been added showing the creative process that gave birth to these titles in their day and music collections. By the way, by pressing the R key it is possible to rewind in time.