devolo dLAN 550+, we have tested it

devolo dLAN 550+ WiFi

your expert recommendsInternet connection is today a fundamental work tool for many homes, and essential in the case of entertainment : Netflix, Playstation, YouTube , are just some examples of cases in which we use the Internet at home, generally in the form of Wi -Fi , to supply more than one terminal connection, whether mobile, computer, tablet or game console. Thus, the stability of the connection has become essential and required guarantees . The endless calls to the technical service when the connection is low, or the suspicion that a neighbor may be stealing our signalare usually some of the inconveniences related to home networks. But all this has an easy fix , starting with the repeater products and Wi-Fi signal encryptors. Here we are going to talk at length about one of them, the devolo dLAN 550+ WiFi , since we have had the pleasure of being able to test it . Specifically, we have been able to test the Starter Kit , which includes two adapters, both with a plug included so as not to block the network and allow the connection of any other type of electrical product.

The first adapter, called WiFi , is the one that produces the repetition of the wireless signal in  the home, and the second adapter, called Duo + , is plugged in via Ethernet connection directly to the router , and has the function of encoding the signal to make it more safe . The devolo dLAN 550+ costs 130 euros in its Starter Kit version and 90 euros if we only want the first adapter . In any case, it ensures a connection of up to 300 Mbps wirelessly , and up to 500 through the electrical network., so we have decided to test it to see if it is true.

devolo dLAN 550+ WiFi

Steps to get started

Many have a certain respect for these artifacts, for the widespread idea that it is necessary to have advanced electronic knowledge to install products of this type, as if we were doing a "hack" of the system. Nothing is further from reality, to start up the devolo dLAN 550+ you just have to pay a little attention to the steps to follow , and in just 5 minutes we have the job done.

devolo dLAN 550+ WiFi

  1. Connect the Duo + adapter , the one without central buttons , to the mains, near the router. Our recommendation is that you do not connect it to a socket on the power strip , but directly to the wall . If there is only one plug and the strip is connected to that, unplug it, connect the adapter to the wall and use the plug of the adapter itself to connect, now, the strip.
  2. Once connected, use an Ethernet cable (one is included in the package) to connect this adapter to the router. A red light will begin to flash.
  3. Now we are going to use the WiFi adapter . First of all, turn it over and write down the WiFi password that appears written. You will use it later.
  4. Once that is done, connect the adapter to the mains , less than 10 meters away from the Duo + receiver . In about 50 seconds , press the encryption button , the one on the left, for 1 second. The button will turn  red and will be flashing, meaning that it has not found a network yet.
  5. Within two minutes , you should go to the Duo + receiver and press the button on the side for about a second . This is the encryption button, which allows you to secure the connection and protect it from intruders or malicious neighbors.
  6. Once this is done, the Duo + receiver bulb will remain stable and white . The same will happen with the WiFi adapter , whose left light will turn white, first flashing and finally fixed. At that moment the encryption is done . Now you can unplug the WiFi adapter and take it to the area where you have reception problems and want to strengthen the signal. There you plug it in and the network is recognized again.
  7. From then on, a new network will appear on all your Wi-Fi connected devices. In my case, the network is called "devolo-4d3" . To connect to it from your computer, tablet or smartphone, you will have to use the password that you entered previously. Thereafter, the network is ready to use.
  8. As an example, here is a screenshot of my computer. Above is the network “devolo-4d3”, marked with a red arrow , to which I have connected, and below is the network “MOVISTAR_0070”, marked with a blue arrow , which is my original network. You can see that the difference in reception is remarkable . In my personal case, the computer is located one floor above the router , and that meant connection problems. Right now, the connection is much more fluid and stable .

devolo screenshot

WiFi Clone

Once the connection is up and running, the devolo dLAN 550+ gives you the option of carrying out the WiFi Clone tool  , which consists of synchronizing both connections , the new one that was created when starting the product, and the one that existed before . In a certain way, the new network is integrated into the old one , calling itself as the new one, with its password and adding the restrictions it may have previously, such as parental control or time restriction . The range is that of both networks, so the times you are closer to the repeater the connection will be high, and when you are close to the router, too. In practice, devices such as mobile phones connect to the free network withstronger connection by default, so this is not a problem for the user, it just makes the connection easier . To connect the WiFi Clone mode, follow these steps:

devolo dLAN 550+ WiFi

  1. We disconnected the WiFi adapter and plugged it into the mains 10 meters or less from the router . We let the light of the icons turn white, and approximately 50 seconds later, we press the left button.
  2. In a period of less than 2 minutes , we press the WPS key on the router . This button is usually located next to the power button. The period during which you have to press and hold the button will depend on the type of router you have. Consult the guide of your router to know exactly, or do trial and error as was my case. After several attempts, I managed to synchronize by pressing the WPS button  for a whole minute . The lights on the WiFi adapter began to blink, white, until they finally stabilized.
  3. You can now unplug the WiFi adapter and plug it back where you deem necessary. And that's it, you will enjoy both networks with the same name and the same password .

devolo dLAN 550+ WiFi

Here you can see a screenshot of the computer, to see that the closest networks are not the "devolo-4d3" and then "MOVISTAR_0070", but only the "devolo-4d3 ", the other seems to have disappeared .

wifi clone

WiFi Move and Range +

Two more technologies have been introduced in the devolo dLAN 550+ WiFi . The first is the so-called WiFi Move , which allows you, once the WiFi adapter has been synchronized with the Duo + , unplug it and plug it in where you deem most necessary. For the two cases that I have mentioned, I moved the WiFi adapter to a lower floor to synchronize it , and then I went back upstairs , and when I connected it, it worked exactly the same. The WiFi Clone worked perfect in my case.

The second technology included in the devolo dLAN 500+ WiFi is Range + . This technology is what makes it possible to use the electrical network to improve the wireless connection, make it more stable and less prone to drops or drops in coverage intensity, that is, make it more resistant to interference. During the period of time that could be tested for the repeater, just a few days, I can confirm that the network was stable and never fell .

devolo dLAN 550+ WiFi

Devolo software

In order to effectively manage the newly created network, devolo makes two software tools available to us , “my devolo” and “devolo cockpit”. The first is a mobile app and is designed to be able to access the new network created easily and automatically . Changing the name, password or setting navigation limitations on some pages, in the form of parental control, is made easier through "my devolo". Of course, you must register with an email and password or have a devolo ID to access. It is free , it only requires prior registration. It is equally available on iOS and Android .

" Devolo cockpit " is a software designed for PC, Mac OS X or Linux that allows you to visualize the operation of the network created, so that you can verify for sure the real levels of upload and download of data , possible interferences or the entry of an intruding terminal on the network. There is also an application for Android or iOS. Here are some screenshots of the menus so you can see that the navigation is simple and intuitive. As we can see, in the menu you are reading the network reception speed, and it is 353 mbps , a little more even than guaranteed.

cockpit 1

cockpit 2


Unlike its previous model, the devolo dLAN 550 WiFi , its plus version includes plugs on both adapters,  both the Duo + and the WiFi (this one did not include a plug), which helps a lot so that the plug used is not blocked , if it had a plugged-in power strip, or any other device. It is a design detail worth appreciating. Also the white color of the devices and their simple and discreet design help to blend them with the wall and not overload the environment.

devolo dLAN 550+ WiFi

Price and conclusion

If we access the brand's website we can access two different prices : the Starter Kit , which includes the two adapters, the Duo + to encrypt the network, and the WiFi to expand the network. This pack costs 130 euros . On the other hand, we can buy the WiFi adapter separately , and it will cost us 90 euros . With this adapter we can expand the signal, but we will not encrypt the network , so it will be less secure, more defenseless before hacks.

As a consumer, I consider that the product is really useful for people who live in houses with different floors, since that is where the speed increase is really noticeable, as well as where network interference is most often noticed . It is very fast and easy to connect , something to be appreciated, since the issues that have to do with the network you want to leave them fixed as soon as possible. Not losing plugs is another really comfortable detail, which makes the difference between other similar devices, and finally, its main characteristic, the repetition and intensification of the signal, the fact that the guaranteed reception speed is met, 300 Mbps like clockwork, makes me finish convincing. From we consider it a good investment, the price is profitable .

devolo dLAN 550+ WiFi Starter Kit

Modeldevolo dLAN 550+ WiFi Starter Kit
TypeSet of two adapters to carry the Internet signal through the electrical network and encrypt the connection


ScopeUp to 400 meters (Powerline)

Up to 300 meters (WiFi)

StandardsIEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3x, IEEE 802.3az, IEEE 802.11 b, g, n (2.4 GHz Single Band), IEEE 802.1p, IEEE 1901 Auto MDI / X Wi-Fi Alliance
Maximum speedsThrough Powerline: Up to 500 Mpbs

Via WiFi: Up to 300 Mbps

Technologies2 × 2 MIMO (for a more stable network signal)

range +

WiFi Move

WiFi Clone

SecurityWPA / WPA2


MAC address filter

Wi-Fi usage time scheduling

128 Bit AES encryption

Ethernet2 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports on Duo + adapter (one available)

1 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port on the WiFi adapter


Dimensions68 x 68 x 41 mm (devolo dLAN 550+ WiFi adapter)
Buttons and LEDsButton to sync WPS

Button to sync adapter

Two LEDs on the buttons

Antennas2 internal antennas


Pcdevolo Cockpit, management via browser
Smartphone and tabletApp my devolo, devolo Cockpit
CompatibilityWindows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android devices

+ info

Release dateAvailable
Manufacturer's websitedevolo

Price: 130 euros for the Starter Kit, 90 euros for a single adapter