5 tricks of the Google Calendar that you may not know

5 tricks of the Google Calendar that you may not know

Using the Google Calendar can be the best way for the clueless that we have inside to organize itself once and for all. And this is, basically, because it syncs seamlessly with the mobile app. While we work with the computer, we can write down all the appointments and commitments on the web and, then, when we open the Google Calendar application, they will be there to notify us when it touches. Something extremely grateful, especially for those who suffer from 'amnesia' continuously.

We are going to tell you 5 tricks of the Google Calendar that you may not yet know and that will help you get the most out of this Google tool. We started!

Browse calendars of interest

In addition to your calendar, you can obtain others that correspond to topics of your interest, such as the calendar of the football league , one of Muslim holidays or Formula 1. You can add these calendars through a specific URL or through the application itself Google Calendar web.

add google calendar

To do this, you must press the '+' sign that appears in the previous screenshot and, later, 'Explore interest calendars' .

explore interest calendars

On the next screen choose the calendar that interests you the most from the list that appears. You can access the preview of the calendar by pressing the little eye next to the name of the calendar.

Synchronize your events with Gmail

Do you want your Google Calendar to automatically tell you that you have a concert next Friday? Well, you just have to enter the calendar settings and go to 'Gmail Events'. When you receive tickets in your mail, Google will add an event of the same to your calendar so that you do not miss anything.

gmail events in google calendar

Change the Google Calendar preview

A very fast way to switch between views of day, week, month, year or scheduled plans : click on the box next to the search to switch between views. An interesting view is that of 'Schedule', as it lists all future appointments, as you can see in the screenshot below.

program view

Set a custom view

A trick related to the previous one. One of the default views that we can find in the Google Calendar is the '4 days' view, a practical way to see pending appointments in a short period of time. This number of days, however, can be changed. To do this we doing the next:

We enter the Google Calendar configuration menu

google calendar settings

Let's go to 'Display options'

display options

In this screen we will be able to determine some interesting sections in relation to the way we see the calendar :

  • We can reduce the brightness of past events so as not to get confused
  • Set the first day of the week: in places like England the week usually starts on Sunday
  • Establish the custom view: the section that interests us. We can start in 2 days and reach a view of 4 weeks, as we can see in the following screenshot:

display options 2

Change the color of an event quickly

Each event that you have confirmed in the Google Calendar is accompanied by a color. You can set a personal password for different types of events, such as assigning red to concerts and green to business meetings. Once you have created the event, you can modify its color very quickly and easily, simply by clicking the right mouse button on the event .

colors events calendar google