The best memes of the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool

The best memes of the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool

Kiev has seen Real Madrid win the orejona for the third time in a row. The Champions League returns home, with the thirteenth cup in the Real Madrid showcase, the team that accumulates the most cups of this competition. But we have not come here to talk about football, but to laugh with him. And it is that there are people of the most witty who seem to be with one eye to the game and another to the creation of memes. Humor cartoons with which to represent situations and moments lived during the 90 + 3 minutes of the European final match.


And yes, the Liverpool goalkeeper is the one who has taken the most jokes, zascas, references and criticism. The handsome Karius has failed miserably when stopping balls. And we do not say it by the result, but by the performance. Two of the three goals conceded at Liverpool's gate should have been saved, but this goalkeeper seems to have been born without hands, as some have already written on his Wikipedia page. Others have dedicated themselves to making references to his poor ability. And there are already those who have decided to compete to be the next goalkeeper of the English team. Of course for humor it will not be. Of course we will have to see how the team and Karius himself take it ...

Mr Klopp, I, I don't feel so good…

- The Football Feed (@TheFutbolFeed) May 26, 2018



Liverpool goalkeeper

Goalkeeper Champions

Repetition of the Liverpool goalkeeper stop #ChampionsLeagueFinal #Karius

- paulgar (@ Jgarante2) May 26, 2018

Florentino is also not far behind and has received his own share of memes. What if you carve me in the cup as usual, if we pay the Liverpool goalkeeper what he asks ... As a soccer magnate he has no rival, and the fans know it and exploit it with humor to the delight of all Internet users who we stumble upon these memes.



One of the great architects of the party has been Gareth Bale . He has been the one who has scored a real goal in this final, the second. Without clumsy goalkeepers. An invented half-Chilean who has tipped the balance towards Real Madrid. But not even with those does he get rid of memes and references on the Internet. And it is that many see direct similarities between their huge and separated ears and the handles of the trophy they just won. Orejotas for all.

Gareth Bale

Of course there are memes of everything. And you just have to go through the social network Twitter to enjoy many of them. Raging Barcelona fans, vignettes praising Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos… the celebration of European football at its finest, but with a layer of humor . And you, have you received more memes from the Champions League final? Share them on our social networks.


Real Madrid are gonna need a bigger trophy room.

- B / R Football (@brfootball) May 26, 2018

Europe at the feet of Real Madrid. #HalaMadrid

- Real Madrid (@realmadridnote) May 26, 2018

I don't want to go Mr. Sergio Ramos 😢 # ChampionsLeagueFinal #HalaMadrid

- - ̗̀Soy Dan ̖́- (@Aunque_Te_Duela) May 26, 2018


Nothing more to add. #ChampionsLeagueFinal

- JOHN LENNON (@Rhevolvr) May 26, 2018