How to watch all new movies on Netflix


Surely when you enter Netflix you see notifications that there are new releases available, but sometimes it is not easy to find everything we are looking for or be aware of all the news and its release date or arrival on the streaming platform.

There are several ways to get more out of Netflix , such as searching for content through hidden categories or subgenres , or using engagement rings so that your partner is faithful to you with the series .

Now we are going to talk to you about a new tool to keep abreast of all the new movies that come to Netflix Spain, where you can also search for all the content so as not to be left behind with the platform's premieres.

How to use Netflixable

Netflixable is a list that is constantly updated to include the new releases available on Netflix . It contains details on the platform's content catalogs in the different countries, and the database corresponding to Netflix Spain movies can also be consulted .

As explained on the Netflixable website itself , their listings are updated daily to include the new releases that have arrived on the platform, and they also eliminate the content that is disappearing from  Netflix . The update is carried out several times a day, so the delay of the information as there is news is minimal.

On the main page of the service you will see a list of new releases that same day (both movies and series), and using the Netflixable search  tool  "" found in the right sidebar "" you can check if a audiovisual content that interests you is already available in Spain .


In the same way, if you travel abroad and want to enjoy Netflix wherever you are, you can search the Netflixable catalog of that country to keep an eye on news and find out if your favorite series or movies are also available there.

One of the most interesting details of this service is that both the premieres produced by Netflix and the movies and series of any production company appear, so the complete catalog is available in one place.

In addition, Netflixable has a YouTube channel where it publishes a video each week with the compilation of the ten best new releases on Netflix worldwide. It is a very attractive option if we take into account that not all content is released at the same time in all countries: at least in this way we can know the news of higher quality or that promise the most and that will be available at the same time in all places every week.

Mobile app

The creators of  Netflixable also have the iStreamGuide mobile application , available for devices with iOS  and Android , from which you can find out weekly the best releases worldwide, as well as consult the catalog of the different countries (including Spain) . From the app you can also select several countries that interest us and follow the news from all those regions at the same time (something very useful for those who travel a lot between various places).