Measure your common sense with this YouTube quiz

Common sense

Do you think you are a person with common sense? If after a brief reflection the answer is affirmative - even if it is negative, curiosity is going to win you this game - surely you want to know if a more or less scientific test would classify you as having common sense or not. Through their YouTube account, at they want to submit us to a test to measure our common sense and finally rate it.

Although it is something totally prohibited in the works, what does Wikipedia tell us about common sense? "The expression common sense describes the beliefs or propositions that are fed by society (family, clan, people, nation or entire humanity) ". Although when choosing a description, undoubtedly one of the most graphic is that of Henri Bergson. For him, common sense is " the ability to orient oneself in practical life ".

In other words, this test would help us to have an orientation of how practical we are in our daily life. In other words, a kind of analysis of how we execute the decisions that we face daily from a common sense point of view.

Common sense

The test questions

- In the first question we started strong. If Nuria and Marta are children of the same father and the same mother, but Nuria assures that she is not Marta's sister, what is Nuria?

- Regarding the second question , it is about a plane that travels from Mexico to the United States and crashes at the Mexican border. The question is, in which country are the survivors buried?

- The third question, in the same vein as the previous ones. If someone drops a ring inside their coffee and when they remove it from there it remains dry, how is this possible?

- The fourth question is about airplanes. One leaves Quito and the other leaves Bogotá , how do the pilots communicate?

- And finally, the fifth and last question, about animals. A duck is walking and reaches a river without bridges where there is a sign that says that it is forbidden to cross there. How can the duck cross?

Remember that to answer them they leave you only 10 seconds, when the counter finishes they will put the answers on the screen, so it is not worth cheating. Once you have answered them, at the end of everything, they will tell you what your score is according to the number of correct answers . Our advice is that you write it down on paper so there will be no doubt about your result.

For our part, we are not going to give you the answers to the five questions so you will have to play the video below and wait the ten seconds to see the answer to each of them. We advise you not to rush to answer and to read what they are asking you several times, just as you did years ago in exams. And on many occasions yes, the first answer is the one that counts.

Share your results with us in the comments , to see how common sense you walk.