The worst Halloween costumes in history seen on the Internet


Halloween is here. The most Europeanized American party returns like every year with its thousands and thousands of costumes. A few days ago we left you an extensive list with some of the most successful recommendations to go out on the night of the living dead, today it is time to leave you a series of recommendations aimed at preventing someone from taking a photo of you and circulating through the remains on the network.

The typical southern american

And when we say the typical, we mean the most typical of all. The prototype of the American white trash making her peculiar jokes. It is clear that this individual does not have a single friend who gives him serious advice in life ... Since he does not seem to give too much of himself.


The Lush Spiderman

Another who seems to not give up on the evidence. Go ahead, relatively tight garments are not exclusive to slim or muscular people. But going from tight to ultra blurred there is a fairly obvious step that our Spiderman has skipped.


Potato woman

The funniest thing of all is that they sell the costume of a tuber. Rather, the designers in the ad consider him "the sexiest vegetable." What kind of mind do you have to have to consider a potato sexy? A pretty absurd costume too, because you won't even be able to get your hands out of it all night.


Mystical spawn

There are characters of popular folklore who have such a peculiar characteristic that some believe that by the mere fact of exploiting it to the maximum they have already solved it. It usually happens with the characters of A Clockwork Orange and it happens a lot with mystique. A blue velvet tracksuit, orange wig, some face paint and I've already magically turned into Jennifer Lawrence.


The personification of bad taste

Someday when people put bad taste on Google this guy will come out in this costume. Insensitive and not very empathetic. And the detail of painting your mouth with the theoretical blood already, the culmination of elegance


Politically incorrect ... But very cheap

A black father with a great sense of humor has decided to dress his son as a bottle of Pepsi Cola in the most ancient way possible.


The three friends

Notice that at first glance, the R2D2 focuses our attention. But as we look at his two friends we see that they did not deign to spend as many hours as he did in making the costume. And look at that Chewbacca that looks like John Rambo ...


Friend donald

No. We are not talking about the duck. But the possible future president of the United States. Yes, this Halloween your costumes, especially your iconic wig will be one of the fury of the night.


Wolverine jewish version

One of the best things you can do on Halloween is to customize a classic, give your personal and unique stamp to a costume. And of course this Jewish man has achieved high standards with this version with menorah included.