How to synchronize the subtitles of a movie downloaded from the Internet

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The delay (lag for its name in English) is one of the biggest annoyances when it comes to viewing content in its original version. It has happened to all of us that when we saw the last chapter of our favorite series we have lost the rhythm of the episode as a result of the subtitles going on one side and the voices of the protagonists on another . Although hacking is not your thing , from Your Expert we can do absolutely nothing to prevent it. So we leave you a guide so that in a few short and simple steps you can re-compare the audio and subtitles of the movies or series that you have downloaded over the Internet.

Quick mode: in the player itself

If you have the need to see the chapter or the movie in a hurry, this is your best option. Although in slang, it is a very ineffective ñapa with which you will only get out of trouble .

Players like Media Player Classic or VLC Media Player incorporate own functions to move the subtitles without leaving the program. It should be noted that for both players it is essential that the video file and the subtitle file come separately.

If the subtitles are directly integrated into the video, nothing can be done to correct the error.

In Media Player Classic you have to do the following: after naming the two files (video and subtitles) with the same name, double click on the title and do the path Play -> Filters -> DirectVobSub -> Properties . Once here, select the Timing tab and start the trial and error period until you find the desired setting.

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The VLC has a pretty similar shape. After opening the file and with the video paused, we follow the following path: Video -> Subtitle Track -> Open File . You can avoid this step by naming the two files (video and subtitles) with the same name. Once this step is completed, we follow the path Tools -> Track Synchronization . A window called Settings and Effects will open here. We click on the Synchronization tab and, again, we start playing with the temporary values ​​until we find the correct synchronization.

Setting for optimal results: Aegisub

Aegisub is a specific program for this purpose that you can download for free from its website for all types of systems. If you have another video editor installed on your computer, these steps can guide you to use it to synchronize the subtitles of your video.

With Aegisub you will be able to square voice and text accurately and quickly , even shot by shot. And its operation is extremely simple and intuitive . You just have to upload the video and the text file (here it is also essential that both are separately ).

Both files will be displayed in the Aegisub interface . Your spectrogram will point the exact delay of subtitles relative to the audio. Here you simply have to use your cursor to move and adjust it. Once with the key values, we go to the Synchronization -> Shift by Time section . Insert the values, press accept and turn to File -> Export Subtitles . You have everything ready to watch your movie without delays . This option, despite implying the download and installation of the program, facilitates and shortens the synchronization sequence compared to the first option.