▷ How to add and configure a card in AliExpress in 2020

How to add and configure a card on AliExpress in 2020 1  

Since the end of 2019, AliExpress has banned the possibility of adding and configuring a credit or debit card from the platform itself for the sake of security. Several thousand users have been forced to add again the card that they had previously registered in AliExpress to continue shopping in the Chinese store. This method is much more complete than the traditional method that AliExpress used to add cards to the account. This time we will show you how to configure a card in AliExpress without having to depend on third-party applications or solutions.

AliPay, the website to add credit or debit cards to AliExpress

So is. For just a few months, AliPay has been established as the standard procedure for adding cards on AliExpress. It is a totally secure payment system that the company uses for any transaction within some of its platforms, such as Alibaba or AliExpress.

To access the website, we will have to synchronize our AliExpress account with that of AliPay, a process that we recommend carrying out from a computer. Within our AliExpress account we will click on the name of our profile (Hello, Juan Carlos) and then on the My AliExpress option .

add add aliexpress card without alipay 2020 4

The next step will be to click on the option My AliPay account that we can see in the attached screenshot. The web will automatically take us to the payment platform through our account. The page that will be shown below will be similar to this:

add edit card aliexpress

Now the platform will ask us to enter a verification code to send a confirmation email to the email address of the account. After accessing the link provided in the email to verify our identity, the page will show us a form like the one we can see below.

From this point on, we will have to fill in the respective fields that the platform asks us to (password, security question…) to ensure the security of the account. As an additional security measure we will have to create an access PIN that must consist of six digits. It is very important not to lose this PIN , as it will be necessary to add any payment method to AliPay.

add add aliexpress card without alipay 2020 1

After completing this process, our AliPay account will be fully configured and ready to make payments. The last step to add a new card to AliExpress will be to go to our AliPay profile and click on the card icon (Manage your cards). Finally, we will click on Link card, where a form similar to that of any payment page will be displayed.

add add aliexpress card without alipay 2020 2

With the card added to the AliPay account, we will have to refer back to our AliExpress account to verify that the card has been added correctly. To do this, we will refer to the section of My orders and more specifically to the option of Cards and bank accounts . Within this section, all the cards that we have added through AliPay should appear.

It should be added that any modification of the card information that we want to make in AliExpress will have to be made through the AliPay website . From the first we can only delete cards or select them to make payments.

Can you pay on AliExpress without AliPay?

Unfortunately not. The web has eliminated all the possible forms of payment that until now the web platform and the application offered. We cannot use PayPal, cash on delivery or virtual cards . Alipay only.