8 solutions if my PC does not recognize my mobile

8 solutions if my PC does not recognize my mobile

Imagine the scene. We arrived home after a long journey and we are eager to pass all the photos and videos that we have taken in the last days. In principle, we think that there should be no problem. We just have to put the USB cable in its corresponding port and wait for our computer to automatically recognize the device. After waiting several seconds (and even minutes) we see that there is no answer, and we immediately think "What am I doing wrong?"

Do not despair. Sometimes our PC may not recognize our mobile for multiple reasons . Next, we will tell you how to solve this common error so that you do not have problems when connecting your smartphone to the computer. Let's go there!


Reboot your device

A good restart is sometimes holy to our smartphone. Seriously, try restarting both computers and see if it resolves. Although it seems silly, this is usually the most frequent solution when the PC does not recognize our mobile.

Check that you have installed the drivers

This is usually the most common problem that we will encounter. It is, neither more nor less, a program so that our PC equipment can identify the mobile . Although these programs are often installed automatically, this is not always the case with Windows.

If this were the case, we just have to download the driver for our smartphone model  from the manufacturer's own website , for example. From there, you just have to follow the installation steps.

If the problem persists despite having the drivers correctly installed on our computer, you should try another cable or use another USB port on the PC .


Take a look at the hardware

Everything can be in this life. It is not very normal, but there have been some cases in which an error in the synchronization between devices is due to an old component or in bad condition.

A quick way to find out is to see if the mobile receives power  when it is connected to our PC. If this is the case, the cable is most likely damaged, or even the USB port is faulty. In both cases, the solution is very simple . Try different cables, or connect to another USB port if you're having trouble connecting it to.

Beware of duplicate software

Some synchronization programs between the phone and the PC already install the mobile drivers on the computer without the need to run additional drivers. If so, we suggest you uninstall them immediately to avoid possible synchronization errors between both devices. Thus, the PC can recognize our mobile without problems.

Check that you are in the correct mode

Another possibility is that, depending on the configuration established in the mobile, our PC recognizes it in one way or another. Or that directly does not recognize it. There are several options that can be configured when connecting our mobile to the computer.

The option "Charge this device" allows us to charge the mobile battery, without transferring data between the two devices . If we select "Transfer files", we can access the files on our Smartphone directly from the computer. Finally, we have the «Transfer photos (PTP)» mode that only serves to manage our photos.

Force driver detection

Sometimes the computer becomes stubborn and does not detect the drivers, even if they are already installed. In these cases, you have to "help" him to read it . As a general rule, the procedure is as follows:

  • We uninstall the drivers and restart both computers.
  • We reconnected our mobile and waited to see the notice «Installing driver software». We immediately disconnected the mobile to interrupt the process. Then we reconnect it to the PC.
  • We open the "Device Manager"> "Other devices" where the model or brand of the mobile should appear.
  • We select the driver that we want to install and click on «Next». From here, we can only wait for the driver installation to complete.
  • Finally, we restart both devices to finish the installation. If we have done everything right, our PC should recognize the mobile without problem.

factory values

Reset to factory settings

If you no longer know what to do, this may be the most drastic measure of all, so we advise you to try the options described above first. As a last resort, a hard-reset is a very useful option for devices that no longer work properly. Of course, keep in mind that if you reset to factory settings, all data on your device will be erased. So, we insist, think twice.

Once we have warned you enough, now we tell you how to proceed with this method. The first thing to do is open the device's “Settings” application. Then press "System"> "Advanced"> "Recovery Options". However, we have to bear in mind that the path to this section is not the same on all devices.

Next, you must enter "Delete all data"> "Reset the phone." At this last point, it is possible that it will ask us for the PIN, pattern or password , in case we have one.

Restore Windows

Windows also has the ability to return your computer to a previous state. If it turns out that the PC recognized the mobile until recently, this solution can help you restore the computer to that specific moment .

This System Restore option allows us to configure the system files as they were at a particular moment, which we will have previously pre-established. You just have to keep in mind that this option will uninstall all the programs and restore the configuration that you have from that moment until now. That said, it is very likely that some of these changes is the cause that our PC does not recognize the mobile when you connect it.

And so far our advice. Hopefully they have helped you solve your synchronization problems. And remember that sometimes the simplest option is the most effective of all.