9 ways to download any video on the Internet

9 ways to download any video on the Internet

You are browsing the internet and suddenly you find an interesting video that you want to download to save it on your computer and be able to watch it whenever you want. The problem begins when the platform where the video is hosted does not give you any option to download it. In this article we present you 9 simple tricks that you can use to download any video file that you find browsing the Internet.

Is it legal to download videos from the Internet?

Many users will be wondering if it is legal to download a video from the Internet to save it on the computer. At this point we have to clarify that downloading videos from the Internet is legal as long as we do not give a lucrative use to the downloaded content.

This means that you can download any video to keep it saved on your PC and be able to watch it whenever you need it, but you can't do any kind of business with it. You can convert the video from its formats to view it on all types of devices, you can even upload it to social networks as long as you do not intend to monetize the content you have downloaded.

Once this is clarified, we will see the best tricks to download videos from the Internet.

Clip Converter

Clip Converter

Clip Converter is a very simple web application that you can use to download all kinds of videos stored on YouTube. An advantage of this platform is that it allows you to choose the video download format , as well as the possibility of converting to a sound file in MP3 or AAC format. Its possibilities of use continue with options to cut fragments of the downloaded videos, even select if you want to download them at 1080p or 4k resolution.



OnlineVideoConverter is another very simple web application from the previous one that we can use to download all kinds of YouTube videos. The advantage of this application is that it has a screen recorder , something that may be useful for some users. It also includes a video converter that you can use with the videos that you have stored on your PC.

4K Download

4K Download offers us several applications so that we can download videos stored on YouTube and Instagram . It also offers us tools to convert audio and video files that we have stored on our PC, as well as other tools to download audio content from Telegram.

All of their tools are available for Windows Linux and Mac operating systems , which is great because all users can benefit. They are paid tools, but they offer a free version, which will be enough for users who need to download a few videos

All the tools offer several options so that you can select the format in which you want to export the video or audio, as well as the resolution and framerate in the case of videos.

VLC Media Player

Without any doubt, VLC is the best free video player that we can have installed on our computer. This small program is capable of playing in practically any video and audio format. What many users do not know is that VLC also has other advanced functions. One of these extra functions that VLC offers us is the possibility of downloading videos from the Internet

To download a video from the Internet with VLC, you have to follow a few simple steps:

Open VLC and go to the path Media> Open network location. Copy the URL in the indicated place and click on "Play".

download any video on the internet with VLC

After that, go to "Tools" and then to "Codec information". Select the content of the "Place" field.

download any video on the internet with VLC 2

Open the browser, copy the content in the search bar and the video will appear.

Right click on the video and you will see the "Save As" option, which you can use to save the video.

download any video on the internet with VLC 3


SaveFrom is one of the simplest tools that we can use to download a video stored on YouTube. There is a very useful trick with this tool which is to put "ss" after "www." to download the video.

For example, suppose we want to download the following video:

We would have to put the following in the browser bar:

// www. ss youtube.com/watch?v=WeoGLH21Nxs

This automatically opens the tool to download the video from YouTube. It will offer us the possibility to download the video, or download only the audio in MP3 format.



Downloadvideosfrom is a video download service that is compatible with a multitude of platforms, in addition to YouTube . We can use this tool to download videos from popular social networks like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. The video is downloaded in MP4 format, to ensure maximum compatibility. You can choose between two quality options.


YooDownload is compatible with Twitter, Instagram, Did.me, SoundCloud, Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook . This makes it one of the best tools to download videos from the internet, since you can use it with all the most popular platforms today.


FastestTube is an extension for the main Internet browsers that adds a button that you can use to download YouTube videos in the simplest way possible. It is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer and Chromium browsers .



FLVTo is probably the best option to use if you just want to download the audio from a YouTube video. Its operation is really simple, you just have to access the tool and paste the URL of the YouTube video in question. After that, you can select whether you want to download the audio in MP3 or MP4 format.

These are the best ways to download any video from the Internet. We hope you find it very useful. Remember that you can share the post to help more users who need it.