10 best sites to read books online for free

10 best sites to read books online for free

With the rise of the Internet, the reading possibilities are almost endless. So much so that some formats are being replaced by others, in the same way that it has already happened with the consumption of music thanks to the Internet. In this way, if at first we had to download the books to read them on our Tablet or ebook, now it is the turn of reading online .

That's right folks, reading books without having to download them on a device is already a reality, and increasingly widespread, with all the advantages that this entails. To begin with, and perhaps the most obvious, is that you will not occupy space in the memory of your computer, and second, you will be able to access your books from any terminal .

Without further ado, we are going to review the websites that, according to our modest opinion, are well worth taking a look at. Here is our list of the 10 best websites to read online for free .



24symbols is a website for reading digital books based on a  model that combines payment options with other free ones . The platform already has 200 publishers, 20,000 titles and more than half a million registered users.

To access the free reading option, we will only need to create an account to access the service . As for its paid version, or Premium, it costs € 8.99 per month, and allows access to its full catalog, without advertising and with unlimited downloads.


Public domain

Be careful with this website because they have set a purpose worthy of admiration. Its main objective is none other than to collect and disseminate all those works whose copyright has already expired, thus becoming the public domain .

In fact, they invite any user to use any of the texts that appear available in their catalog without any problem to make commercial editions on paper or eBook. Of course, as long as the authorship is attributed to the original author of the work and there is no Copyright on it.

As you can see as soon as you enter the page, on the left you have a bar with the alphabet , through which you can quickly access the author's surnames.


Gutenberg Project

One of the pioneering pages in the compilation of electronic books. They currently have an incredible catalog of up to 59,000 totally free titles .

Most of the available texts are in the public domain, although there are also some texts under copyright. Of course, the page is in English, but don't worry, because you can find books in more than 50 languages .



Although it does not stand out for its modern design, this page houses a huge catalog of more than 55,000 books to download .

While we visit the web, we can do searches by authors, titles, language, etc. The text files will be available in different formats such as .doc, .pdf, .txt, .exe, among others. In addition, we will also find a brief catalog with copies in other languages .



If you are wondering if this website has something to do with Wikipedia, you are not very wrong. Wikisource is a branch of Wikipedia, so to speak, whose objective is to create a gigantic library full of original and, above all, free texts . The requirement is that any of these works have been published with a GFDL, Creative Commons license or directly that they are in the public domain.

It has  more than 110,000 books  available to read online or download on any device.


Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library

We now look at our linguistic heritage. This website brings together Hispanic works from all over the Internet with the purpose of spreading Hispanic culture throughout the world .

A gigantic digital bibliographic collection in which we will find works, not only in Spanish, but also in other languages ​​that are spoken in Spain , such as Catalan or Galician. On this page we can access free online books from other institutions such as the Joan Lluís Vives Library, the Galician Literature Library, the American Library, the Children's and Youth Literature Library, and a long etcetera.



At this point we will talk about eBiblio, a platform for the management and loan of digital content (ebooks, audio and video). A network of public ebook libraries dependent on the Ministry of Culture and Sports that expands throughout the Spanish territory.

They have more than 200,000 licenses and have about 1,500 commercial ebooks. As in municipal libraries, we can take up to 3 books at one time, and keep them with us for a maximum of 21 days . Also, obviously, we will need a public library card to access the catalog.

National Library

National Library of Spain

Like the Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library, we are dealing with a bibliographic fund that ensures the dissemination and conservation of Hispanic letters. To date, more than 300 reference works of our literature that are already in the public domain have been digitized .

All of them are accessible from the website itself and can be read online in PDF format, without the need to download anything. It doesn't need to.

many books

Many books

We are going to give a little review of those alternatives in other languages. In the present case, Many Books, has more than 50,000 ebooks in English , fully accessible to read online for free. Its interface is simple, since they group all the works according to different themes (literary genres, popular classics, author's selection ...), so that we can find them in the easiest way possible.

National World Library

Another option if we want to use a large catalog in other languages. Although its name may sound a bit grand, the World Digital Library houses no less than 20,000 documents and articles from all countries of the world . Of course, all of them can be read online for free, and even listened to in audiobook format.

So far our review of the best websites to read books online for free without downloading. Of course, the most voracious readers will not lack material.