Most common postal package shipping rates


It is true that we no longer send letters or postcards as before. Courier services have become more and more specialized in sending packages, especially due to the boom in Internet shopping. When it comes to sending a package, doubts assail us since there are several companies at our disposal dedicated to it, with their specific rates. How much does it cost to send a package through Correos, the best known company in our country?

We are going to tell you how much it costs to send a package through the Correos company . With this information, then you can decide what rate you stay with, the one that best suits your shipping needs.

Most used parcel services in Correos

Paq Today

A pick-up service in the morning and package delivery in the afternoon on the same day . Available in the main provincial capitals. Shipping Features:

  • Scope:  National.
  • Dimensions:  Maximum dimensions: 39 x 39 x 29 cm.
  • Weight:  Maximum weight per package: 5 kgs (volumetric weight 8 kgs).
  • Deadlines:  Same day.
  • Rate:  From € 12.8, without taxes included.
  • Home delivery: two delivery attempts and 15 days in reference offices.

Premium Package

Tailored delivery service , being able to choose when and where the recipient wants to receive the package. Shipping service features:

  • Scope:  National, Andorra and mainland Portugal.
  • Dimensions:  Length + Height + Width = 210 cm. without the largest exceeding 120 cm.
  • Weight:  Maximum 30 kg.
  • Deadlines:  24-48 hours, depending on the origin and destination.
  • Prices: within the same province and up to 1 KG 7.80 euros. In national territory and up to 1 KG 12.35 euros. Here you will find the complete price list.

post 02

International Premium Package

International delivery of express parcels at home and by signing the delivery confirmation. Features of this international delivery service.

  • Scope:  (International). Destinations that support the service.
  • Dimensions:  Length + Height + Width = 200 cm. The longest side may not exceed 105 cm.
  • Weight:  Maximum 30 kg.
  • Deadlines:  According to destination.
  • Prices: Zone A, nearby Europe, up to 250 grams of weight, 37.24 euros. Up to 5 KG of weight, 69.41 euros . More information on rates in the following link.

Standard Pack

Non-urgent parcel delivery . Shipments may be delivered to your home, at Post Offices and Authorized CityPaq Terminals. The recipient will be able to receive SMS and email notifications with shipment information. Standard service features:

  • Scope:  National, Andorra and mainland Portugal.
  • Dimensions:  Length + Height + Width = 210 cm.
  • Weight:  Maximum 30 kg.
  • Deadlines:  48-72 hours, depending on origin-destination.
  • Price: within the same province, packages of up to 1 KG, 7.07 euros. National shipments up to 1 KG, 11.17 euros, More information on rates here.

post 03

Light Pack

Ideal service for promotional shipments . They are low cost shipments and always weighing less than 2 KG. Delivery will be made at the recipient's address without the need for a signature. Other features of light shipping:

  • Scope:  National.
  • Dimensions:  Maximum 35 x 23 x 2 cms. Excess dimensions will not be allowed.
  • Weight:  Up to 2 kgs.
  • Deadlines:  Between 24 and 48 hours, depending on origin and destination.
  • Price: up to 250 grams 4.92 euros . Additional information at this link.