The best websites to sell second-hand items

The best websites to sell second-hand items

With the passage of time, the Internet has been refined to become one of the current resources to sell and buy second-hand items. There are more and more websites to carry it out. All of them with very visual, simple and adapted interfaces so that we can find everything we are looking for. The main objective is that both buyer and seller have the maximum guarantees during the transaction . That they feel comfortable in the process and that they are happy in both parts. If you are thinking of getting rid of some things that you no longer use or locating something in particular, be very careful. We recommend some of the best websites to sell or buy second-hand items.


By now, who hasn't heard of Wallapop? It is one of the most popular buying and selling platforms. The web offers numerous advantages. It is very intuitive, with a search engine at the top so that we can quickly locate what we are looking for. It has filters by regions and cities so that you can focus on your exact location. In fact, one of its strengths is that it makes use of geolocation. This means that products can be filtered based on their proximity. This is intended to make transactions cheaper and more secure. Thus, the user will be able to check the status of the product on site without also having to face shipping costs. Same for the seller.

Registration in Wallapop is completely free. Both on the web and in the mobile application. In addition, it allows you to register through Facebook or Google, so we will avoid having to enter additional data. Of course, for now if you want to put a product on sale you will have to do it in the mobile application. From Wallapop they assure that they are working to enable it on the web, although it is not available at the moment. What you can do while shopping. Once you enter and decide what you need, you can contact the seller through a chat or find out additional information. User ratings and the exact place where the item is sold. It also gives you the option to share it with your friends on social networks (Facebook, Twitter or email).


And how is the communication between buyers and sellers on this platform? We can say that quite fast and simple . When you receive a new offer or message, a notice will appear in your email or a notification on your mobile (if you have the app installed).

Advantages of Wallapop

  • Simple interface
  • Safe and fast transactions thanks to geolocation
  • Chat for a direct conversation
  • Know more recent products that have been uploaded in your most immediate radio


The Segundamano website evolved to become Vibbo, with a much more elaborate and visual interface. Its main advantage, if we compare it with others in the sector, is that it has a large volume of sellers and buyers. This makes it easier for the product you want to sell to end up being owned by another user. As with Wallapop, Vibbo ads are divided into categories and geographic areas. Logically, this enables us to make transactions by hand, which is always much safer and faster.

As soon as you enter the web, you will see a search engine in which you can indicate the item you want to locate and the city in which you want to search. A little further down you have the different categories that are handled in Vibbo. From vehicles, to real estate, through home, leisure or sports ... As you will see, there is a bit of everything. If you want to publish an ad, the process is very similar to Wallapop. It allows you to put a description, photos with a limit of 10 (another of its advantages), price, category or area. And, if you have a lot to sell, you can even create a store. For this you will have to be autonomous and pay from 15 euros. In this case it is not free.


Advantages of Vibbo

  • Send and receive photos through chat
  • Up to 10 photos per article
  • Possibility to follow other users
  • Higher volume of buyers and sellers than other websites in the sector


Jordi Castello, Alec Oxenford and Enrique Linares are the Spanish behind LetGo. Operating very similar to Wallapop , this website or application recently had a valuation of one million dollars, twice that of Wallapop. It is based in the United States and has less than four years of life. The truth is that in Spain it is working quite well and is another good option to buy or sell second-hand items.

When it comes to selling, the process is very easy and comfortable. It is possible to upload up to 5 different images of the product, add a price and a description. Also, registration is very fast and can be done through Facebook or Google. To buy, LetGo offers an express search through the search engine. A series of categories are also displayed, such as electronics, home and garden, fashion, children ... Another of LetGo's great advantages is that it allows searching by distance, by order or price.


From LetGo, safety comes first. Therefore, from the web they give us a series of recommendations to take into account to improve security. The company recommends that when completing a transaction pay in cash and arrange a meeting in person in a public place. They warn that we distrust users who cannot or do not want to meet face to face, or those who want payment not to be made with cash. They also recommend that you never send money to someone you have not met in person, and do not buy something without having seen it first.

LetGo Advantages

  • Quick and easy free registration (via Facebook or Google)
  • Wide search range by location
  • Possibility of uploading up to 5 images of the product
  • Search by distance, order or price


Another of the classic websites to buy and sell second-hand items is Milanuncios. Its green board is one of the most popular when looking for second-hand things on the Internet. With the passage of time, the page has been refined and now has a more careful and clean design than a while ago. Its success lies in its ease of use and minimalism. Besides that it is also an excellent showcase for hundreds of users who enter every day to buy used items.

Milanuncios has more than 10,000,000 classified ads. Posting an ad is very simple. You just have to enter "Post ads" and follow the steps indicated. Among them, include a category, product description, photos and extra data. Within the menu you can also modify your ads, see favorite ads or highlight yours. It is one of the websites that claims to be one of the largest for free ads. In addition, you do not have to pre-register, which is another of its advantages.

second hand web

Advantages of Milanuncios

  • No prior registration
  • More than 10,000,000 classified ads.
  • Ease of posting an ad
  • Possibility of highlighting the ad


If you want to sell or buy antiques, Todocolección is the perfect portal for it. From that old radio that you have found at your grandmother's house, through coins, badges or even books that have a lot of history. Without a doubt, it is the most suitable website for nostalgic people or collectors . This is one of its positives, but there are negatives. The worst is that sellers have to pay a commission for the sales made. The commission is applied on the final price of the sale. Likewise, it is necessary to pay a registration fee of 10 euros plus VAT to upload the lots and start selling.

For the rest, navigation is very comfortable and simple. It is suitable for all types of users, both young and old who are enthusiastic about antiques and art. As soon as you enter you will see different sections or categories. There are also filters, by price, seller or location. To buy or sell you will need to register. Registration is completely free, so you won't have too many access problems. Once you have done it, you can put all the lots you want up for sale without any time limitation. In Todocolección there is also a space for auctions, where you can find articles or objects of all kinds.


 Advantages of Todocolección

  • Possibility of finding antiques
  • Sale or purchase by auction
  • Comfortable and simple navigation
  • Price guidance section

Bulletin board

Do you remember those notice boards that were present in places of passage or public buildings? With the boom in buying and selling through the Internet, this system has been in decline, although there is a website that imitates it perfectly. It is about Notice Board. On this page , more than ten thousand second-hand ads are published daily for the sale of second hand and job offers. Through it you can search by province, category or discover what is advertised near where you live. Placing an ad does not require prior registration. It's as easy as filling in a series of steps and posting them on the virtual board.

On the web there is a section that accesses the private area of ​​the Notice Board. It is entered with the email that you contacted in your ads . In this way, you can renew the published ads, modify them for free or cancel them if you no longer need them. You can also go to "My Ads" to manage the alerts from and see the changes in the ads you have marked as favorites.

Bulletin board

Advantages of Notice Board

  • No prior registration to post ads
  • Alert management
  • Quick ad search
  • Simple interface