How to download MP3: 15 websites to download YouTube videos

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Although applications like Spotify are the order of the day to listen to music, the truth is that there are not few users who choose to download MP3 files directly from external sites. One of the most common options to download MP3s is to use online video converters. Thanks to these, downloading videos from YouTube or from any page is as simple as pasting the URL of the video in question and downloading it in the format we want. This time we have made a compilation of several of these pages to download MP3 online.

Save to MP3

save to mp3

Recently created page that, as its name suggests, is capable of converting any YouTube video to MP3 .

In addition to being compatible with the latter, it allows the download of videos and songs from Facebook and Soundcloud , being one of the most complete pages to convert everything we can think of to MP3. It also has an extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that allows you to download MP3 videos directly from the YouTube page through a simple button.

Regarding the export time, Save to MP3 is one of the fastest pages even if our Internet connection is slow.

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YouTube MP3 Converter

to download mp3 online youtube 0

Perhaps it is not the most complete page to download songs from YouTube, but it is the simplest, and incidentally, the one that offers the most speed when it comes to transforming videos.

The operation of the web is really simple. We just have to paste the link of the song or YouTube video and click on Download. The conversion process will automatically start until the download is ready.

Unfortunately, the page does not allow you to select the quality of the final file or the Kbps . Neither does the format.


to download mp3 online youtube 1

We enter the field of advanced tools with FLVTO, a page that allows us to download songs from YouTube (or any other video) in different formats, beyond the MP3 format.  MP4, MP4 HD, AVI, AVI HD ...

Unfortunately, we still cannot choose the final quality of the audio in kilobytes per second. It should also be noted that the conversion speed is not the fastest if we compare it with other pages to download music from YouTube.

To this is added that some functions are paid if we want to convert two or more files.


to download mp3 online youtube 2

Of the few pages that allow you to choose the final audio quality: from the lowest to 320 Kbps . Y2Mate also has the ability to download videos at their native resolution, even if they are in Full HD.

If we talk about conversion speed, Y2Mate is comparable to YouTube MP3 Converter when it comes to audio files. In the case of videos, the speed depends largely on the duration of the video and the quality that we have previously selected.


The web is advertised as "the fastest converter on the Internet", and the truth is that it does its job perfectly.

It does not have excessive boasting when it comes to the number of options. Besides converting YouTube videos to MP3, it is capable of generating MP4 files .

Perhaps the star feature of the web has to do with the shortener that it includes as standard, thanks to which we can cut the duration of the videos to export only the selected fragment.


to download mp3 online youtube 3

The defunct MP3xd has changed its name: SIMP3. The web is not a "YouTube to MP3 song converter", but rather a song portal that hosts the platform's audio files for later download.

In fact, the website includes a search engine with which we can find any song that is hosted on YouTube. From downloading the song in MP3 to listening to it online. All without registering and completely free (at least for now).


A website that copies the format and starts from the idea of ​​SIMP3. Broadly speaking, the page has the same options as its counterpart: from listening to songs online to downloading them in their original format from YouTube's servers.

According to the website, the quality of all its files starts at 320 Kbps , so in theory, they should have the highest possible audio quality. We can easily check this by inspecting the track's metadata on both Windows and Mac.


Another of the web pages that allows you to download MP3 from YouTube, as well as MP4, 3GP, AVI, FLV and MP4 HD files . It does not have an audio quality selector. The kilobytes per second at which the songs are downloaded are not specified either, so we will have to examine the files manually.

Beyond these shortcomings, NoTube is a fast solution and comparable to the rest of the pages that promise to download MP3 online. It has no apparent limit , so we can download files as many times as we want.

Good topic

to download mp3 online youtube 4

A portal very similar to SIMP3 and DescargarrtuMP3, with the difference that to download the songs that the web hosts we will have to jump to an external web in order to safeguard the integrity of the original web.

Ignoring this detail, Buentema has all the songs on YouTube : all in MP3 format and, generally, in good quality. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the web is that it indicates in advance the quality of the sound file and its weight in megabytes, something that most pages ignore completely.


Web page and extension to the web. It does not stand out for the number of options, or for its conversion speed, or even for its quality. The strong point of Telecharger is that it has a free extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera  that allows us to download the sound of YouTube videos directly from the platform itself through a simple button.

We can also choose to use the web version, although the option of having a button always at hand is perhaps more useful than resorting to third-party pages with intrusive ad blocks. Nothing that we cannot solve, on the other hand, with an extension to block ads.


Page that inherits a large part of the FLVTO functions and its interface. In fact, the web is signed by the same creators, therefore, it drinks from the same conversion algorithm.

There is little to note about it, beyond being an alternative to FLVTO. It supports downloading songs in MP3, MP4, MP4 HD, AVI, 3GP and many other formats. Nor can we choose the final quality of the sound file, and the conversion speed is not the best if we expose it compared to the rest of the options.

In any case, it is a fairly capable tool if we combine it with FLVTO, since both have payment options.

Download Plus

Recently named Como va lo mio. One of the few Spanish websites to download MP3 from YouTube that we find in the list.

Its conversion speed compared to the rest of the options is not the best. Despite this, it has such interesting options as the video shortener that the website itself integrates , in such a way that we can export videos from a certain minute to shorten their duration.

Another option to highlight about Download Plus is that it allows the downloading of videos from Facebook and other video portals . It also supports different formats that go beyond the traditional MP3. MP4, AVI ...

Download YouTube

to download mp3 online youtube 5

It is not the most original name, but it is one of the most complete tools to download YouTube audio to MP3.

Although it has much more advertising than the previous ones, it has a multitude of options to download sound and video in different formats. Unfortunately, its conversion speed is not the best . Neither is the maximum quality of the audio files in the free subscription, which in this case is limited to 128 Kbps (the videos are limited to 720p).

Far from these shortcomings, the main advantage of Download YouTube has to do with the way to download YouTube files. Substituting the address '' for '' we will automatically download the video after selecting the quality. To test a button:


Save from

A website that largely imitates the original concept of Download YouTube. The way to access this is, in fact, practically identical, only this time we will have to replace the original address of the video '' with '', so that we have something left similar to this:


We can also access the web by writing the usual address ( As far as conversion quality is concerned, the free version of the page limits the download of audio to MP3 at 128 Kbps and video to 720p HD . For the rest of the options we will have to pay a monthly or annual subscription.

The good thing is that we can choose between multiple formats to download the files , regardless of whether we have the free or paid version of Save From.

Online Video Converter

One of the most popular pages to download MP3 music from YouTube, although it is also possible to download videos. In fact, Online Video Converter is the converter with the largest number of formats available for export .

MP3, AAC, OGG, M4A, WMA, FLCA, WAV, M4V, MP4, FLV, MPG, WMV, MOV, AVI and endless formats. Curiously, we cannot choose the final quality of the file , so we will have to opt for lower compression formats (FLAC, MOV ...).

Best of all, the web is compatible with practically any video portal, in such a way that we can download music from any web page, as long as it has a public API. Facebook, VK, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, TED, Veojam and a multitude of pages.

MP3 Home

We come to the last option with MP3 Casa, a page that in addition to converting YouTube URLs into MP3 songs has an integrated search engine that allows us to perform searches directly from the web.

Beyond this, the web does not have excessive bragging. We cannot choose the video format or the export quality . In this sense, the page is really simple: search, select and download.

We will have to be careful, yes, when clicking on certain download buttons, as well as the pop-up windows that appear once we are inside the portal.