How to play the mythical PC Soccer and other MS-DOS games from your browser

How to play the mythical PC Soccer and other MS-DOS games from your browser

Do you remember PC Soccer? If you are of a certain age, surely yes. And if you are younger, it is very possible that you have heard of it, since it is a game that marked an entire era. PC Soccer was a sports simulator that focused more on managing a soccer club than on the games themselves. You could play the games, yes, but it wasn't the most interesting thing about the game.

Well, if you want to remember old times and play a game on PC Soccer, now you can do it from the browser , without having to install anything. In fact, if you are a lover of retro games, on the website that we are going to show you you can play a multitude of titles that came out in MS-DOS and the first versions of Windows. You can also find other titles a little more current and the software that was used at that time. Without a doubt a great repository for nostalgic people.

PC Soccer and other games of the time available online

how to play PC Soccer and other MS-DOS games from your PC Soccer browser

The page that has all these jewels is Internet Archive. In this magnificent online repository we can find thousands of applications and games from many years ago.

PC Soccer was one of the most successful games of the 90s. In the Internet Archive we have all the versions that were released, with PC Soccer 5.0 being the last one to arrive. This allows us to play the 96-97 season of the Spanish league.

To play the game we just have to click on the big green button that appears in the center of the screen. We will see a small loading screen and in less than a minute we will have the game running . The games move at the speed of then, so we will have to give him some patience.

PC Soccer is just one example of the games that we can find in this magnificent repository. The website has a search engine that will allow us to search for programs and games by year, collections, language and even the creator of the application.

how to play PC Soccer and other MS-DOS games from your browser other games

When it comes to games, we have no less than 6,979 titles available . We can find jewels like Pac-Man, Wolfenstein 3D, Donkey Kong (the original), Aladdin, Prince of Persia or Doom among many others.

We also have the graphic adventures of the time , which are still very difficult to overcome today. In the Internet Archive we have, for example, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Maniac Mansion, Leisure Suit Larry or Monkey Island.

The page has a very good design, with a screenshot of each game so that we can remember the title without having to enter the game. In addition, it allows us to sort the titles by popularity, creator, date and title .

So now you know, if you want to remember old times or teach your children how we played in the 90s, you can take a look at the Internet Archive.