10 examples of the progress that virtual reality is having

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Virtual reality, called VR in Shakespeare's language, has come to the world to stay. Although at present its use is not very widespread due to the high price of most specialized glasses, the truth is that its uses are numerous beyond the consumption of games on console and computer. Medical, educational and even psychology uses. Today we have made a compilation of the ten most interesting examples and uses of virtual reality (not to be confused with augmented reality).

360º videogames

The first use of virtual reality, as you may have guessed, is 360º games. And we are not referring to games that combine reality with graphic elements, but to games made entirely in a virtual environment. Today there are numerous titles available to play both on console and computer.

RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard

Some like the Doom VFR, the Batman Arkham VR, the Battlezone, the Resident Evil 7 Biohazard and even the Gran Turismo Sport are currently compatible with the virtual reality glasses of Playstation 4. In this article we see some other titles of VR games for Playstation 4. In this other we discuss whether or not it is worth buying this type of glasses.

Entertainment for the sick

If virtual reality is characterized by something, it is due to its high immersivity and the low degree of interaction by users. Thanks to this technology, many patients enjoy VR glasses as palliative treatment to cope with the ailments of the treatments and the disease.

So much so, that some hospitals are already beginning to implement rooms with this type of device , as we can see in the video below.

Rehabilitation of different diseases

We have just mentioned that virtual reality is used in patients for their enjoyment and entertainment. However, current technology allows to create a rehabilitation process for different mental and motor diseases .

10 examples of the progress that virtual reality is having 1

According to some doctors from the Department of Psychiatry at the Emory University School of Medicine in the United States, “virtual reality allows creating computer-generated environments in a controlled and simulated environment that can be used to create sensations of presence and immersion in an environment that people who suffer from anxiety-related disorders fear ”.

Early detection of mental illness

As you may have seen, virtual reality is very useful in medicine, and even more so in the branches of psychology and psychiatry. In addition to being a palliative and rehabilitating tool for different mental illnesses, the technology currently developed allows the detection of mental illnesses such as Alzheimer's.

The Sea Hero Quest VR game is proof of this. According to doctors from Alzheimer's Research UK, the game in question tests various mental abilities that, if not overcome with relative success, can be symptoms of an early state of Alzheimer's , among other mental illnesses.

Preparation for complex surgical operations

The latest use of virtual reality in medicine has to do with surgical operations. It is well known that in certain interventions the degree of complexity can put the patient's health at risk. Thanks to current technology, developing an environment similar to a patient's body to simulate their intervention in real time is extremely simple.

virtual reality operation

With this, not only the techniques of the doctors are improved, but it also helps to reduce the risk factor for cardiovascular and neurological operations .

Flight and driving training

Not everything was going to be medicine. In fact, VR glasses are not used only in this field; also in others such as model aircraft and driving. Currently, there are not few driving schools and flight schools that use simulated reality devices to improve the skills of their students.

In this case, the goggles are combined with a series of motor seats to make the flying and driving experience even more immersive and realistic .

Education and formation

Education and virtual reality today are two words that go hand in hand today. Although unfortunately its use is not very widespread among Spanish schools, institutes and universities, the different VR applications allow us to simulate spatial and historical environments , as well as exercises related to electricity, electronics, engineering and quantum physics. Its possibilities in the educational field are endless.

Simulated virtual visits

Mock visits is another of the most frequent uses of VR. Similar to how it is used in education and training in schools, guided tours of other countries and times are possible with today's glasses and gadgets .

virtual reality earth

Playstation VR Resort is one of the Sony company's best known programs in this type of reality use. Dream paradises, journeys into the depths of the sea, walks through the African savannah ...

Relaxation and meditation exercises

As we have seen in previous uses, virtual reality is extremely useful in uses intended for psychology, and one of its most frequent uses is in relaxation and meditation exercises.

Tens and hundreds of videos flood YouTube with landscapes, music and images aimed at relaxing the mind. So we just have to put in the search 'relax VR' and automatically we see a series of videos on virtual reality. In this article we leave you fifty virtual reality videos.

Interactive reading

Nobody ever said that reading cannot take us to fantasy worlds, and with virtual reality this becomes a reality. Today there are many books that offer this type of experience combining augmented reality through our mobile and virtual reality with the respective VR glasses.

virtual reality book

Its use, of course, is more oriented to reading for children and children, although there are also books for adults with immersive experiences. You just have to search.