How to consult the 2013 income refund

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You already know that for some years, the Tax Agency offers all taxpayers the possibility of downloading the draft and managing their return over the Internet. Once the 2013 Income Tax is processed, citizens (whether they have submitted it online or not) will have the opportunity to check the status of their return online. This tool will be useful for all those users whose return has been returned. You must bear in mind that the administration has a period of up to six months to enter your accountthe amount resulting from the rent, counting from the last day on which the period to present them closes. If you are one of the first to make the declaration and your accounts are in order, the Tax Agency should not take more than two or three months . Unfortunately, on some occasions this period is extended and this verification tool is very useful to know what the status of the process is.

If you want to check the status of the return, follow these steps:

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1) Access the official page of the Tax Agency and enter the official section for the 2013 Income campaign .

2) On this same page, you will have to click on the Return inquiry section , located in a central position in the Outstanding Procedures area .

3) Now you will have to enter the data that will be identified to obtain information about the status of your return. Thus, you will only have to fill in data such as the NIF or NIE , the first surname of the declarant and the reference . If you do not have the data for this box, you can also enter the digits resulting from box 620 of the 2013 Income Statement . If the application reports a bug, it is very possible that you have not entered it correctly. Remember that in the left part you must incorporate the whole numbers and in the right, the decimals. Do not write commas or periods. They are not necessary in any case.

4) In a few moments, the status of the declaration should appear on the screen. You could read any of the following statuses: The return is in the process of being recorded, it is recorded, pending or pending issuance or return . In the latter case, the Tax Agency should enter the declaration in your account shortly. If you want to check the status of the return by phone, you also have the opportunity to call the automatic service 901 12 12 24 . You will only need to indicate the ID of the first declarant and the exact amount of the refund.

Finally, we want to remind you that if the return has been filed recently, it is very possible that it will still take time to appear in the system. You will have to wait a few hours or days to verify that your return has indeed been recorded and has already entered the wheel of checks that the Tax Agency usually performs as a routine.