The best websites to meet people and flirt

The best websites to meet people and flirt

Internet is a powerful tool to meet people of all kinds and why not, find a possible partner or flirt. Whether you've moved to a new city or neighborhood, or want to enjoy someone's company, you can take a look at a large number of websites . They are all prepared for you to establish relationships with people who are in your situation. And, the best, related to your tastes or interests. If you are interested in the subject, do not stop reading. These are some of the best websites to meet people and flirt.


By now, who hasn't heard of Meetic? It is the most famous dating portal on the net. For those who want to meet people, find a partner or simply flirt. Registration on the portal is free . You just have to define your gender, if you want to meet men or women and other information of interest. Among them, your city, hobbies, date of birth, interests ... It is important that you choose a nickname, which will be the nickname by which you will be known on the web.

Those who use Meetic for free can use the crushes. This is a free feature to let a specific person know that you are interested in them. Basically, Meetic allows you to make free use of few options. If in the end you are interested in a paying member you will not be able to contact him. Unless you are too. Becoming a premium user of Meetic has an annual cost of 13 euros. The price for three months is 19 euros and the price for a single month is 37. Therefore, if you are interested in meeting all kinds of people, it is best to subscribe for a year. That or you try other free websites that we will recommend a little below. It should be noted that from Meetic they give you a three-day trial totally free so you can try all the features.


The reason for Meetic is a bit because of its popularity and the seriousness it offers. In fact, it is the platform with the largest number of members in the sector. This offers the possibility of finding people with the same affinities, since there are a greater number of possibilities. In addition, they even promise that if you do not find your better half after a year, they will return your money. Therefore, it can be the perfect service if you are really willing to find someone special.

Advantages of Meetic

  • Platform with the largest number of members in the sector
  • It can be tried for free for three days
  • It has a search tool to find profiles of people that interest you
  • Easy to unsubscribe if you are not satisfied or have already found your better half
  • Customer service department to solve any questions
  • Specialized section to find men called Gay Meetic


POF is another dating and meeting site you can turn to. It was founded in 2003 by Markus Frind and acquired in 2015 by the Match group (owned by, OKCupid or Tinder). Although it is better known in the United States, United Kingdom or Canada, in Spain POF also has a considerable number of users. Like Meetic, you have to pay a price if you want to be a premium member: 80 euros per year, 51 euros for 4 months or 39 euros for 2 months.

By paying you get many advantages. The main one is that you appear prominent among search profiles, so it is much easier for them to find you. You can also see the complete profile of the rest of the registered people and thus know more about those people. In addition, you can send three free gifts a day, or upload 16 images to your profile instead of the 8 of the free subscription.

We can say that POF is a more specific website to find a stable partner. However, there is room for other types of relationships: flirting or friendship.In the search options we can specify if we want something serious with someone or not. We can even select if we want someone to go through the altar. When it comes to the usability of POF, it is an intuitive and easy-to-use page. You may not like the interface too much, but in its favor we will say that you have to fill out some questionnaires with a high level of detail, which increases the seriousness of this platform. Of course, it must be taken into account that one of the most negative points of POF (not everything is good) is that the privacy of users is not guaranteed. This leaves all the information open for anyone to find while browsing the web.


Advantages of POF

  • Compatibility test that must be answered so that the system automatically searches for the profiles that are closest to what we are looking for
  • More than 1 million monthly visits in Spain
  • Simple interface
  • Possibility to use for free (with reduced options) or pay an amount to be a premium member


If you want to meet new people to go out and do activities of all kinds, pay attention to Uolala. This platform will allow you to find the most recent activities in your city and sign up for all the ones you consider interesting. You can even join WhatsApp groups to keep up with everything that is going on in your area. Or simply make new friends. The interface is very simple. As soon as you enter the web, you will come across a search engine in which you only have to indicate your city and the category that interests you. You can select from all categories, to different topics: friendship, politics, pets and animals or even LGBT. You choose what you want and what you are looking for.


When you enter you will see all the activities planned for your city in the coming days. Some are paid, but there are many free. It all depends on where you live. And if you are not interested in anything, why not go ahead and create an activity yourself? For example, if your intention is to meet new people you can create an outing for tapas, partying or playing sports. It is possible that people start to sign up and you end up forming a group of interesting people and, therefore, new possibilities for friendship.

Advantages of Uolala

  • Almost 200,000 registered users
  • Find new plans in your city
  • Possibility of proposing activities
  • Active WhatsApp groups
  • Activities and groups by theme

Casual Dating

C-Date is another of the websites to meet people or flirt that you can currently visit. This platform offers you different experiences. From just meeting people, to having a stable relationship, flirting, going through other more spicy games. As soon as you enter the web, they will ask you to fill out a simple survey that will guide them to find out your interests. What kind of relationship are you looking for, if you like men or women, or what are your physical attributes. Like Meetic or POF, C-Date offers the possibility to register for free.Of course, if you want to enjoy all the benefits you will have to become a member of the platform. Depending on the months you hire, you will pay more or less. For example, there is the possibility of choosing 3 months from 25 euros per month, so it is a fairly inexpensive option.

Casual dating

Among some of the advantages of being a paying member are the ability to search by area, personal tastes, condition or appearance, as well as video chat online, attach messages or upload a greater number of images to the server. If what you want is simply to talk to other people, you just have to click on the Chat option. You can start conversations with people in your area for friendship or dating.

  • Possibility of looking for different experiences
  • Online chat
  • Quick free access, passing a simple questionnaire
  • Economic payment to be a premium member


It is advertised as the preferred dating page for women. Maybe it's because they don't have to pay to be premium members. An action that is criticized by many users. Controversial topics aside, EasyFlirt has been designed to make your dating experience enjoyable and comfortable. The web has millions of users looking for love or a simple date. Regardless of your preferences, you can find everything you want. From a one-night stand, a stable relationship or a sporadic encounter. EasyFlirt makes it very easy. It will provide you with all the available services so that you can find your ideal partner as soon as possible. In fact, you can browse detailed listings, be it by physique, personality, religion, or lifestyle or leisure.


When you enter the web, you can access quickly through Facebook. Then they will give you to choose between a sexy section for sporadic encounters or a more detailed section. To find a stable partner you will need to take the psychological test. Once inside you will begin to see the profiles of the different users who have registered in EasyFlirt. You can locate users from your city or from any other, either of a certain age or according to other criteria.


Because another of EasyFlirt's advantages is knowing what is most important to you. Imagine that it is the marital status. Check it and select that you only meet single or separated people. You can also find people by profession or even income. At the top you will see your messages and the rest of the options, such as the visits you have had or your list of fans.

Advantages of EasyFlirt

  • Thorough search by criteria
  • Sporadic contacts or stable relationships
  • Attractive interface
  • Large number of users
  • Free if you are a woman

Men on demand

As its name suggests, the main protagonists here are women. They choose at all times the type of man they are looking for. They can find a man a la carte. Although this website is presented differently from others, the concept is the same: meet new people or simply flirt. Registration on the platform is free for both men and women. Like EasyFlirt, they will not have to pay anything to use all the functions. The man will be able to use many tools for free, so that it is not necessary to pay directly for a premium account.

Men on demand

Registration is quick and requires several steps.

  • I am a man and I want to appear in the letter / I am a woman and I want to see the letter
  • Date of birth
  • City
  • Email
  • Username and password

Once inside the web, we see a very friendly and simple interface. When a woman likes a man she can put him on the order. In this way, they will be distributed by type of dishes so that there is proof of what is being sought in each of the orders. From that moment both can get in touch and find out if they like each other and are ready to go on a date. Men also have leeway. They can tap to encourage women they care about to put them on the menu. It is true that they have control in Hombres a la Carta, but they also have mechanisms to be noticed. Let's see the different dishes (options):

  • Tapas: Seek to meet people
  • Starters: Looking to start something and see what comes up
  • Main course: Find a stable relationship
  • Dessert: He's in a relationship, but wants something extra

In this way, men choose the type of dish with which they most identify . They will have that basic information to contact them according to what interests them.

Advantages of Men a la carte

  • It is possible to get any kind of relationship.
  • There are no misunderstandings when it comes to meeting people
  • Free registration for men and women and free use for them
  • Friend invitation system with rewards