A Complete Guide to Using Google Flights or Google Flights

A Complete Guide to Using Google Flights or Google Flights

If you regularly travel by plane, we are sure that this information will interest you. And a lot. First of all, we will ask you if you are aware of the existence of Google Flights or Google Flights. If you have never used it, you should know that it is a tool owned by Google that is responsible for helping travelers find the flights they are looking for. 

It is as if it were a comparator, with direct information on flights, tickets and even offers. Offers to which users can choose to get a discount when buying tickets. But it is also that the tool includes different tricks to find cheap flights. And even notify you at the most ideal time to buy them.

The tool is even capable of proposing you trips. And offer you information on which destinations have been most searched for in the last hours. With the Easter holidays just around the corner, it may be time that you start taking advantage of the unknown advantages of Google Flights or Google Flights .

How to start

Starting to use Google Flights or Google Flights is very simple . All you have to do is go to the Google Flights home page. As soon as you access, what you will see is a search engine to use. In which, logically, you will have to enter the data corresponding to the airport of origin and destination, the date on which you want to go and return, the number of passengers who are going to travel and the class (tourist, premium tourist, business and first class ).

But this is not all the information you will see on the cover. You will also have direct access to a section of the most popular destinations based on your location. And on the right side of the page, a map from which you can also track flights.

At the bottom of the page you will find some important configuration options . Such as the country, the language and the currency.

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Search for flights on Google Flights or Google Flights

Let's start with the search. First of all, we recommend doing a first scan with the classic tools . We refer to the search engine. Enter the departure and destination airports. Choose if you want a roundtrip, one-way or multi-city flight.

Select the number of passengers, the class and the days on which you plan to go and return. Then click on the pink Search button to see the results . What will appear next will be a list of flights, of all the companies that operate.

You should know that the total price indicated includes the taxes and commissions corresponding to the travelers you have indicated. It is possible, of course, that other baggage fees and other fees apply. To see the rates that interest you the most, we recommend using the option to sort by Best Flights, Price (from lowest to highest), Duration and Departure time. 

Find better deals on other dates

Find better deals on other dates

When you've done a search, you can find cheaper flights on other dates. This is a very interesting option if you don't have fixed dates to travel and you can be flexible in this regard. At the top of the search you have made, click on the Dates box.

A very clear table will then open, from which you can see the lowest prices marked in green . The highest will appear in red. From this same point you can select other options, such as Stopovers, Price, Schedules, Companies and other data, such as Flight Duration.

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Another way to better see prices and their fluctuations is to access the part of the charts . Click on the Chart with prices button to see on which days it is best to fly if you want to save a few euros. It is, without a doubt, one of the most useful features.

If you want, you can also choose the airport that interests you. You will only have to click on the Airports button. From here you can select where you want to land and the prices of the tickets. If you are interested in another airport or have a specific preference, simply select it.

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See popular destinations on Google Flights or Google Flights

Still not sure about the destination? In this case, don't worry. Because you can let yourself be advised by Google Flights or Google Flights. The tool offers you the possibility to see which are the most popular destinations according to the airport or the city that you normally have selected.

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Search for flights on the map

Another very simple way to search for interesting flights is to do it on the map. When you access the Google Flights home page , you will see a map. All you have to do to see the flights on the map is click here. It will open on the screen and you can explore all the flights for a specific city.

This option can come in handy for finding flights at smaller airports. For example, if you want the flights that leave from Santander, click on this city. And then, click on See flights. The flights that interest you the most will appear and you will have the option of finding other means of transport, in case instead of traveling by plane, you end up traveling by train.

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Track prices

Google Flights has another very interesting feature, which is the ability to track prices. In this way, you can receive alerts in your email if the tickets go down in price at any time. Setting this option is very easy.

All you have to do is search for the flight that interests you. Select the origin and destination airports . You can choose some dates, but you want to follow the prices over time, it is most likely that in your case you do not mind flying at different times. This is a very interesting option if you usually travel often or if you are making plans to travel in the future, regardless of the exact date.

Using the search results , scroll down to locate the option: Track prices. Flip this switch. From now on, you will receive information every time Google detects that the price has dropped. If you need to configure these alerts, click on the configuration options (the hamburger icon) and choose Prices that you follow. From here you can see all the prices you are following and manage them.