Congratulations, GIFs and memes to celebrate Father's Day on WhatsApp

The family. We cannot live without her and, with her, sometimes everything becomes a bit complicated. But there they are, whatever happens. And the 19th is one of those dates that we mark on the calendar and with which department stores rub their hands. But remember: the important thing is that you celebrate Father's Day. And although, deep down, he wants you to give him something, what counts is the detail. Even if it is a GIF or a meme that you send via WhatsApp.

We want to make your task easier for you and give you a good handful of congratulations, GIFs and memes so that you can celebrate, as a family, the next Father's Day. Remember that, if you open this article on your mobile, you can save memes, GIFs and congratulations by holding them down with your finger. A pop-up window will tell you what to do.

With all of you, congratulations, GIFs and memes to celebrate Father's Day on WhatsApp.

Father's Day greetings to send by WhatsApp

If your father is crazy about motivational messages and everything related to Mr. Wonderful and his self-help tips, this congratulation will come to him like hell. And so you take the opportunity to tell him to cut himself a bit when investigating your photos on Instagram.

congratulations father's day

This congratulation will enchant the school teachers parents : it will remind them of all those drawings that their students make. A tender image that will surely make a tear escape.

congratulations father's day 2

And if your father is the typical geek who does not miss a Marvel or DC premiere or superhero series on Netflix, what better than a greeting starring Batman, the millionaire with more 'toys' than James Bond. In addition, with this greeting you can do one thing: customize it and write the adjectives. Then scan it and send it to him on WhatsApp. You sure love it.

Congratulations, GIFs and memes to celebrate Father's Day on WhatsApp 1

If you don't miss any after-dinner watching one of the most peculiar families in TV history, The Simpsons , what better than a greeting starring them. Although yes, we hope you get along better with your father than Bart with Homer.

congratulations father's day 4

And if, for whatever reason, your mom is also dad , here's the perfect greeting. Because sometimes, in order for love to flow, we have to break labels, right?

congratulations father's day 5

GIF of Father's Day to congratulate on WhatsApp

If your father is mentally horny or is one of those who cannot stop playing the guitar or another instrument, if he is one of those who live anchored in the 70s and say that the best group in history is the Beatles, we cannot think of better GIF than this. Guaranteed.

Congratulations, GIFs and memes to celebrate Father's Day on WhatsApp 2

If your father was never good at handling babies (from what your mother tells you, of course, that you no longer remember) the best GIF you can send him is this. Yes, this peculiar young man does not know how to hold a baby and he does it, well ... that way.

Congratulations, GIFs and memes to celebrate Father's Day on WhatsApp 3

If you are very fond of football, falls and hits are sure to be the order of the day. So we can't think of a better GIF than this one in which we see a most peculiar 'accident'. Luckily that huge ball looks soft. That kid has all the earmarks of being of school age.

Congratulations, GIFs and memes to celebrate Father's Day on WhatsApp 4

This GIF is dedicated to all those fucking flies that cannot leave their father in the sun or in the shade. If I'm bored, if I'm hungry, Daddy put on that Disney movie that I like so much, Dad, take me to the park ... And don't even think about taking a nap. They will be there, crouching, to show you who is really in charge. The GIF's father has only one thought after what happened: "Thankfully I don't have to conceive any more children."

And we continue with the jumps. This time things went well, but the boy could have gone as far as Donald Trump in recent American history. Not only does it go well, but the child ends up from one place to another as a miracle of the long-awaited teleportation . A word of warning: this GIF is only to be sent, not to be imitated. We do not want claims for damages later.

Congratulations, GIFs and memes to celebrate Father's Day on WhatsApp 5

Father's Day memes to congratulate on Whatsapp

This meme would almost be more appropriate for the father to send to his son, the one who never remembers Father's Day any year. Of course, to put on Facebook how much you remember him, how much you love him ... To look good in the gallery! If you feel identified and you are the one who only congratulates his father on Facebook , this year send him this meme. You sure have a laugh. And, well, take the opportunity to congratulate him, even for WhatsApp. Less gives a stone.

fathers day meme

If you are one of those who does not have money or for pipes and want to give a gift to your father , the problem arrives. Where are you going to get the money for the gift, if the only money you receive is given by your parents? Yes, one option is to ask your mother. That's clear. But what fun is it to send this to your father on WhatsApp?

fathers day meme 2

If your father is a fatal fan of Star Wars , the meme of memes cannot be missed: the one that refers to the key moment in which Darth Vader tells Luke Skywalker that he is none other than his father. Sorry, we should have warned about spoilers. Although, if you haven't seen this movie classic yet, don't blame us. The movie is over 40 years old!

fathers day meme 3

Is your father your prince charming? Do you love the typography of Mr. Wonderful? Are you one of those who continually put phrases to images of Paulo Coelho on Facebook? Stop searching: we have the ultimate meme for you to send on WhatsApp. Your father will surely drool with you. And is not for less.

fathers day meme 4

And to finish, we leave you with a classic meme, simply for those who want to deliver a sober and serious congratulation : an image that serves as a token of appreciation for everything our parents have done, do and will do for us every day.

fathers day meme 5