How to send trick images like "the black of WhatsApp" through the app

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A few days ago, Facebook announced a change in the way of managing the photos that are sent through the WhatsApp application , a change that put an end to the possibility of sending fake images to our contacts or groups. All of you will have received several times a photo that in the preview looks like one thing and, when you open it, it is something totally different. However, now the application's algorithms will check both the preview and the full image, so the effect of falsifying the photo we are sending will no longer be possible . At least not directly, since with some applications we can achieve a similar effect.We tell you a way to continue sending fake photos through WhatsApp .

Until now, when sending a large photo to a WhatsApp conversation or group , what the application did was cut out the central part of the image and show it in the preview . Only when opening the image did you see all the content of it. This, together with the ingenuity of many users, led to the taking off of the typical jokes that we have all received at some time through the well-known messaging application. But it seems that Facebook , the new owner of WhatsApp , does not like too much that these types of images are shared through its application, so they have developed a new algorithm that will analyze the entire image , and not just the preview as before now. Also,Now it is the WhatsApp application itself that takes care of the last step of image editing , so we lose that "surprise" effect .

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But as they say, the law made, the trap made. There are applications that allow us to continue creating images that look like one thing and then are another . These are based on height . The thumbnail that appears in the WhatsApp application has a certain height, so the idea is to create a much taller image , thus leaving the "hook" image in the central part and the "joke" image at the top and bottom . The effect is not as good as before, but it is a way to do it.

To do this we can use, for example, the application Photo Magic for WhatsApp , available in Store Play of Google . We download and install it and when we run it we will see a screen divided into three sections, in which we can place various images. The central part, the largest, is the one that will be seen in the WhatsApp preview .


All we have to do is click on "Select Photo" and place the image we want in each of the three boxes. As we said, the image in the center is the one that will be seen in the application preview, so in this box we should place the hook image. In the other two frames we will place the photo that will only be seen when the image is fully opened .

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Once our creation is finished, we will click on OK and from the application itself we will be able to send the photo to the group or WhatsApp conversation that we want, simply by clicking on “Send Magic Photo” .

As we said, the effect is not as good as before, and also requires a bit more editing by the user to make it look good, but at least it is a way to continue sending those fake photos that you like so much.