How to connect a Galaxy tablet to a TV

Galaxy tablets to TV

Among the multiple technical specifications of the Galaxy tablets , we always find the function of being able to connect it to a television . This allows you to see all your content, such as photos and videos, on a much larger screen and share them with a specific group of people. However, the process to follow in order to do so is not always so obvious. Next, we will explain how to connect a Galaxy tablet to a television .

There are several methods and everything will depend on the type of television we have at home. If we have a normal television , that is, that is not a Smart TV, we can connect our tablet through an HDMI cable ( High-Definition Multimedia Interface , in English).

This cable allows you to transmit video and audio digitally and is available at any computer store. Its price varies depending on its quality , being able to find it from 10 euros , the cheapest, to around 100 euros, the most expensive. This tremendous price difference is explained by the length of the cables as well as the material from which they are made. However, if what we want is to transmit video and audio from a tablet, we can buy the cheapest ones, since we will only need a short HDMI cable(1.5 meters) and that it is not composed of materials such as gold, since the length of the cable is not long enough to require such materials in its transmission. The only thing we have to take account of the purchase is, in this case, version coment on version 1.3 if you only want to stream videos or 1.4 if what we want to transmit 3D .

After purchasing the HDMI cable, you need to purchase the adapter that allows you to connect the Galaxy tablet with the HDMI cable . For this, it will be necessary to buy a 30-Pin to HDMI adapter for Samsung , available from 10 euros . Once we have it we will have to connect it to the tablet. Finally, we will connect the HDMI cable to the adapter and the other end to the television . In this way we can connect our Galaxy tablet to a TV.

Galaxy tablets to TV

If by chance what we have at home is a Smart TV , there are other ways to view the content of a Galaxy tablet, or even a Samsung smartphone on it . Thanks to the availability of AllShare connectivity in Samsung devices , we can easily share the contents of the tablet and / or smartphone on the screen of a Smart TV and even use the mobile as a remote control.

To do this, the first thing we must do is connect our Smart TV to the Internet, either by cable or via WiFi connection, as well as select the “ AllShare ” application on our device. On the right, the option " play file on another device " will appear, click, select the file that we want to share and click on " add to playlist " and the device will start searching for the Smart TV , when it finds its signal, the we will select. And so, we can see the content of the device on television.

The main advantage of this process is to be able to see the contents of the tablet on a much larger screen , but above all, it is to be able to share the contents with more people in a much more comfortable and easy way .