How to update the Samsung Galaxy S3 to Android 5.1 Unofficial Lollipop

Samsung Galaxy s3

The official update to Android 5.1 Lollipop is not yet available for Samsung devices . In fact, at this point we still have no evidence that Samsung is working on it. We know, yes, that the data package is already being prepared, but for large teams such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge . Fortunately, the most experienced and impatient users have at their disposal a series of ROMs that can help them to enjoy the benefits of each new update ahead of time. This is the case, for example, of the owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 , a team that was presented in 2010but who is still eligible for Lollipop . If you have this device in your pocket and want to update it to Android 5.1 Lollipop you can follow the instructions that we provide below.

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Details about this update

As we indicated, this is an unofficial ROM , the installation of which requires that the user who is going to carry it out has certain knowledge on the matter. If not, we would not recommend the update at all. Support for updates that Samsung usually offers its customers for the Samsung Galaxy S3 ended last year. In fact, due to the limitations of the team in the field of hardware , the latest version of Android that its users can opt for is Jelly Bean . The update at hand is a ROM based on CyanogenMod 12.1 developed by a member ofXDA Developers for the international version of the device, the same one that is marketed in Spain and that carries the code number GT-I9300 .

You should know, before launching it, that this update brings with it some bugs and non-functional features . However, some people who have already tried it agree that this experimental update is working in a smooth and fast way , although some features and adjustments present in Android 5.0.2 Lollipop are missing .

Before starting the installation

1) The first thing you have to do before starting the update is to create backup copies of all the important data of the phone, through the custom recovery mode .

2) Enable USB debugging on the phone by going to Settings> About phone and clicking on the build number several times. The message You are now a developer should appear. Now enable USB debugging mode by navigating through Options> Developer Options .

3) The Samsung Galaxy S3 must have the battery fully charged or at least 80% of its capacity. Any unexpected power failure could disrupt the operation of the phone.

4) Remember that this ROM is only available for the international version of the device. Find out which model you have in your hands exactly.

5) Users are advised to wait 10 minutes after installing the ROM for the device to reboot to ensure optimal user experience.

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How to install Android 5.1 Lollipop ROM on Samsung Galaxy S3

1) First and before we get down to work, it would be interesting if you download the file corresponding to the experimental ROM for CyanogenMod 12.1 . You have to download it and save it to your computer.

2) Next, copy the downloaded file to the phone's internal memory. Remember, above all, the location.

3) Download TWRP recovery on Samsung Galaxy S3 .

4) Now boot the Samsung Galaxy S3 into the so called recovery mode. Turn off the phone and then press the Power + Home + Volume buttons up at the same time. The TWRP logo should appear on the screen shortly .

5) Within recovery mode , create a backup of current ROM. Access the recovery menu and select Backup .

6) When the process is finished, you will have to Clean data and select Dalvik cache, cache and System.

7) Now you will have to return to the main recovery menu and select the Install option. Go to the location where you saved the ROM (that's why it's important to remember it), select and click Swype to confirm.

8) Now you will have to wait for the update process to finish.

9) Access the Wikpe Dalvik cache again . Then restart the phone and access the recovery menu. You will have to select the Reboot System option .

10) When the phone has started up again, skip all settings and go to the home screen. Reboot back into recovery mode .

11) Keep in mind that now you will have to install another file (the one corresponding to Google Apps ), access the main TWRP recovery menu and select Reboot System .

You can learn more about the nature of this ROM and other tips for installing it on the XDA Developers forum . We remind you that neither this page nor the manufacturer itself will be responsible for a device whose software has been modified in parallel to the official route.