How to open the ports for eMule on your router step by step

How to open the ports for eMule on your router step by step

eMule was for many years the most used program to download all kinds of files from the Internet. Although its popularity has plummeted over the last decade, there are still many users who turn to this platform that refuses to die. We explain how you can open the ports on your router , so that eMule downloads files at full speed

How to detect Emule connection problems

A very common problem when using emule is LowID or Low ID . This is a problem that appears when the downloader cannot use the router ports correctly because they are closed. This causes eMule's download speed to drop drastically.

There are several indicators that make you think that emule is not able to correctly access the ports of your router. The first of them is that your files are downloaded at a much lower speed, than the maximum download speed, which your internet provider allows you.

There is a second indicator much clearer and easier to appreciate. When emule is open, you will see a program icon on the Windows taskbar. We are talking about the mythical "donkey", which appears on the Windows task bar when eMule is running.

If this indicator has a black mask on its eyes, it means that the ports that eMule uses to communicate with your router are closed, so it cannot download the files correctly.

closed ports in eMule

Finally, eMule allows us to do a connection test from the program's configuration interface. This way you can infallibly know if the ports are open or closed. If the test appears as failed, the ports are closed.

ports closed in eMule 2

ports closed in eMule 03

How to open eMule ports

Once we have detected that eMule's ports are closed, we need to open them so that the program can download files at full speed.

The process of opening the ports is quite simple, although it depends on each router model, so we cannot show you a process that is totally valid for all users.

In any case, the first thing you need to do is access your router's configuration console . It is generally done by opening the web browser, and entering the following addresses in the navigation bar:



Another way to access the router's configuration console is through the network section of the Windows 10 explorer.

open emule ports 1

Once you have accessed your router's configuration console, you should find the option to open the ports . In this case we leave you a screenshot with the necessary steps to do it on a router from the manufacturer Asus.

open emule 3 ports

The steps required to make the new routers from other manufacturers, even other models of the same Asus, may be slightly different.

In the tool to open the ports, you must specify the TCP and UDP ports , which the eMule program uses to communicate with your router, and download the files from the Internet.

You can see the ports that emule uses in a very simple way from the program's own interface. These ports can be changed at will of the user, so if you have problems using the ports that come by default with eMule, you should not have any problem changing it.

open emule 2 ports

When you have opened the ports on your router, you only need to run the test again from the eMule configuration menu, to see if the result is satisfactory this time.

open ports

If everything has gone well, you will have the ports for eMule open, and the program will be able to download files at its maximum speed.