10 websites to calculate the sale price of your car

10 websites to calculate the sale price of your car

Selling a car can seem very complicated . But it is not so if you know where to turn. On the Internet you will find a lot of pages of companies that appraise your vehicle practically instantly. It will only be necessary for you to enter your data and provide photos so that the experts can give you an assessment.

Some of these companies will also allow you to pay your vehicle as payment for the acquisition of another . In any case, we recommend that you do several appraisals at the same time, in order to verify that the prices are correct. And that you do not receive less than what your car is actually worth.

Here are 10 web pages with which you can calculate the sale price of your car.


1. Autobiz

If you are interested in selling your second hand car, you can connect to Autobiz. They promise a budget in just one hour, for practically all brands. Thus, after having indicated it (Renault, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Citroën, Peugeot, Opel, Audi, Ford, Seat, Nissan, etc.). As soon as you have obtained the appraisal, you can take your car to an Autobiz center that you have near home .

sell car

2. Sell Car

Sell ​​Car is another website from which you can instantly appraise your car. As soon as you log in, you can enter the brand, model and registration date. In the next step, you will need to indicate the bodywork, model, type and mileage. You will receive an appraisal in your email. After receiving the corresponding amount, you can decide whether or not you want to sell the car to this company.

We buy your car

3. We buy your car

We buy your car is another website from which you can make appraisals instantly. In the form you will also have to enter the information related to the vehicle. After entering your zip code and adding an email address, you will access the appraisal value. And you can start the steps to sell your vehicle.


4. Claim

Siniestrauto is a web page from which you can obtain appraisals, but only for damaged or damaged cars. The options you have to contact those responsible for this business are two. You can send the photos of the vehicle (the more the better) through WhatsApp (675 99 36 34). Or fill in the form on the page , in which you must also indicate the vehicle information.

You will need to enter information such as the vehicle make, model, year of registration, fuel, mileage, town, description of the damage, mail, contact telephone number and vehicle photographs. The maximum response time is 24 hours . If you have questions or any kind of problem, you can contact any of the phone numbers that are available on the page itself.


5. Flex

Before selling your car, it is important that you are clear about its value. It is already known that as soon as you acquire a vehicle, it already loses value. But it is advisable to be cautious when accepting any budget. Even if you need the money, try not to accept the first offer that comes your way.

It is important to put yourself in the hands of professionals. And Flexicar is a good option . The website works like the others, so you will have to enter all the vehicle data, including the make, model and year. In this case, you can also contact them by phone, by email or via WhatsApp. You can choose the option that is most practical for you. Also bear in mind that the technicians on this website can travel to any point in Spain to look for your vehicle. This is another detail to take into account.


6. AutoScout 24

If in addition to valuing your vehicle, you need to place an ad, it would be interesting to take a look at AutoScout 24. Going to the Sell section , you will have to enter the data about the vehicle. This includes the make, registration date, model and fuel.

In addition to obtaining an approximate appraisal of your vehicle, you can directly publish the ad. And start getting offers for it.  


7. Autocasión

Do you want to sell a second hand car? An industrial vehicle? Or a motorhome or a trailer? Well, in that case, you may be interested in Autocasión. It is a page from which you can publish all kinds of ads , within the specified categories. But you will also have the option to appraise your vehicle.

To do this, you will have to go to the Services> Tax section . The system offers those who want to sell the possibility of valuing their vehicle online. All you have to do is choose a brand, model and zip code. Indicate that you are interested in obtaining an appraisal. In this way, you will obtain a price more adjusted to the reality of the vehicle. And you will have the option of asking for a price for your vehicle much more adjusted to the reality of the market.


8. Clicks

Some appraisal companies offer their clients the ability to appraise the car and sell it. But there is more. In Clicars they offer you the possibility of accepting the delivery of your car as payment for the acquisition of a new vehicle . In any case, the valuation is free and without obligation.

You will have to enter the make of the car, the model, the fuel, the year of registration, the number of doors, the exchange rate and the extras, if it has them. In order to obtain these appraisals, it will be essential that you enter your contact information. This includes first name, last name, telephone number, and email address.


9. Taxacio

Taxacio is a Barcelona company dedicated to the appraisal and purchase of vehicles. The system is somewhat rudimentary, but the truth is that it works correctly. You can request an appraisal via email. To get it, you will need to send all the data, including images . In a maximum of 24 hours you should receive the value of the appraisal.

If everything goes well and the price obtained seems correct, you will have the option of selling the vehicle to this company. And get the amount indicated for the transaction.

Occasion Plus

10. Occasion Plus

With Ocasion Plus you can appraise your vehicle, be it a passenger car, an industrial or a motorcycle. And do it all over the Internet. In the form, you will need to enter the year, make, model and province. When you have this information incorporated, click on the yellow button Get free appraisal . If you need to buy a new vehicle, you can also do it through this tool.

Keep in mind, on the other hand, that Ocasion Plus is a service that is available in Madrid and Valencia . If you live there or nearby, it will be much more practical to use this option.