The LG CineBeam, 4K laser projector, is now on sale

The LG CineBeam, 4K laser projector, is now on sale

At last CES, earlier this year, LG introduced its new ultra short throw projector. The LG CineBeam (HU85LA) is a 4K laser projector capable of projecting 4K images up to 120 inches with just 17 centimeters of space . And if we have even less space, we can get no less than 90 inches in just 5 centimeters . Well, this new model has finally been put on sale , at least in the United States. Its price is not for all pockets, but, honestly, it is not an irrational price.

The new LG CineBeam (model HU85LA) is the second generation of this type of projectors. It has native 4K UHD resolution and a maximum brightness of 2,700 lumens . In addition, it is equipped with 3Ch Laser technology , which adds a red light source to a typical blue laser. This translates into broader color coverage in both Rec.709 and DCI.

On the other hand, the LG CineBeam supports HDR10 with dynamic tone mapping , which allows more optimized HDR images. In addition, it has TruMotion technology for better control of scenes with fast movements. It also has a 12-point trapezoidal distortion adjustment, which will allow us to eliminate image distortion at any position.

Smart TV included

LG CineBeam projector for sale Smart TV

The LG CineBeam is a projector designed to replace a television. So you have LG's Smart TV system built in . This gives us access to the most common applications, such as Netflix, YouTube or Amazon. In addition, it is compatible with the LG Artificial Intelligence system and the Google Assistant. To control this system includes the Magic Remote.

And in terms of connectivity, the LG CineBeam has 2 HDMI inputs, 2 USB ports , a television tuner, an optical digital sound output, an RJ45 and a USB-C port.

Finally, comment that this new LG device promotes energy efficiency, since it is part of the Smart Green program. Thanks to laser technology, it is  able to save up to 52% in electricity  compared to conventional lamp projectors.

Price and availability

LG CineBeam projector for sale price

In short, we are facing a projector that has little to do with the projectors of a few years ago. Its ultra short throw laser system allows us to have a large screen in the same space (or less) that a television would occupy.

The LG CineBeam (HU85LA) has already been put on sale in the United States with an official price of $ 6,000 . At the moment we do not know at what price it will arrive in Europe or when it will.