A teenage girl is killed by an old Nokia mobile

A teenage girl is killed by an old Nokia mobile

The last thing we expect when we put a cell phone to our ear to make a call is for it to explode. While it is true that in recent years there have been some isolated cases, the one we have to deal with today has ended badly. Very bad.

A teenage girl has died in India from the explosion of an old Nokia mobile . Uma Omram, a resident of Kheriakani in the Odisha district, was killed instantly when using the device last Friday. It was all due to the explosion of her Nokia 5233, a mobile that we can already consider old, but which is still present in many emerging countries as a basic communication tool.

Uma was on the phone with a relative when the cell phone exploded. It appears that this Nokia 5233 was connected to the mains while she was speaking, her brother found her lying on the ground, with burns all over her body. And with a connected Nokia phone. The consequences of the incident were certainly dire. 

nokia old explosion

A deadly explosion

The blast caused serious injuries to Uma, including injuries to the hand, chest and leg. The impact also left her unconscious. After realizing what had happened, the young woman was transferred to a hospital, where the doctors could no longer do anything to save her life .

These claim that the burns were not serious enough to cause his death. But they point to the possibility that Uma was electrocuted. In any case, this point will be determined by the autopsy.

The fact is that the company HMD Global, which is currently developing and selling Nokia equipment, has ignored the incident. They say that the Nokia 5233 was not made by them . And in fact it is so. The responsibility, in that case, would be the old Nokia.

The Nokia 5233, in fact, was introduced just eight years ago. It was a mobile equipped with a 3G connection and with a resistive touch screen. And although in Spain it is practically impossible to get this device (we would have to search and rummage in a second-hand market), in India it is a phone that is sold on Amazon for about 3,000 rupees, which is practically 40 euros at the current exchange rate. .