Reel cameras in BACK TO THE PAST

Dear friend born in the age of digital photography ”¦ let me explain that this has not always been the case. No. There was a time when your parents and even your modern uncle lived when photos were developed on paper . Yes, as you read it.

And they were not stored in a memory or on an internal hard drive. No. The photos were impregnated on a brown paper called a spool . Oh. What times.

We are not going to prehistory . When cameras had 4 legs and photographers would crawl under a curtain . No. We will stay in the 70s, 80s and even 90s. When practically every house had a camera .

But a camera that had a film inside. A brown film on which the photos were impregnated. In the cameras there was no possibility to see the photos once they were taken. Nor could they be erased. What would have been recorded on the reel was forever .

And to take the photos from there there was only one way. They had to be taken to a store, which in turn developed the photos in a dark laboratory . The result, of course, was delivered on paper. No files or digital files.

Those were the times of brands like Polaroid, Fujifilm or Kodak . Without going any further, the latter sold 90% of photographic reels in 1976 in the United States . Who was going to tell you that you would end up bankrupt just three years ago?

And all because this company did not know how to adapt to the arrival of digital photography. But this is another story that we will tell on another occasion.

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