The 10 most surprising Lego constructions on YouTube

The 10 Most Amazing Lego Constructions On YouTube 1

Lego, an example of creativity and ingenuity

The Lego company continues to be one of the benchmarks in the world of toys worldwide. We have started to analyze and see on YouTube a good number of examples about the world of construction with these pieces.

There are real works of art that allow the imagination to be developed to the fullest, often resembling real life examples.

The Danish company is a benchmark in its sector and one of its keys is to allow its capacity for spatial development and its high percentage of entertainment to go hand in hand. Also, both young and old can enjoy it almost equally.

Do not forget that Lego comes from the union of the words "leg godt" (whose translation is "play well").

We have been able to discover, among others, these 10 Lego constructions, where there are real wonders.

1. Lego tower

This tower holds the current Guinness record since it reached 35.05 meters in height . It was possible thanks to the efforts of a few students from Delaware (USA) who raised it in just two days of work, using more than 550,000 pieces . She got up in Milan.

2. Super Mario Bros.

The world of video games is today one of the most followed, adored and with the highest business boom. Can you imagine seeing a Super Mario Bros. animated with Lego pieces? It's possible. And above all, it is not only a great construction of the world of the Nintendo character . It is that it is a recreation of some of its levels. Magical and cool! Its creator was Michael Hickocx and he has created several phases of this particular universe. He also created a version of Donkey Kong.

3. Lego 3D printer

Many did not believe what they saw when Arthur Sacek showed the world his 3D printer built with Lego pieces. As he explains, it was built to participate in the 2011 WRO contest in the Lego Robotics Experts area, which took place in Abu Dhabi. Sacek, unbelievably at his own milestone, jokes: "It doesn't include instructions."

4. The Lego house

A real life-size Lego house? Yes. We are not crazy although it may seem so. In 2009 the British James May carried out his dream and set out to build a two-story home with Lego pieces. This kind of madness was able to materialize thanks to the help of 1,000 volunteers, 3 million pieces and a lot of patience.

5. Lego Star Wars ship

The X Wing Fighter ship that was used for the Star Wars saga was recreated from Lego pieces. It contained more than 5 million pieces and was exhibited in New York in the mythical Times Square. It took more than 30 people dedicated during a year to the task of its construction.

6. The Lego car

A real car, with a motor, was also built from more than 500,000 Lego pieces . And it worked almost like a normal vehicle . It even includes dressings and tuned decoration on the wheels. Amazing example!

7. Lego's Cubestomer robot

Lego has also led to the creation of a robot that is capable of solving the Rubik's cube in just 12 seconds!

8. Lego's aircraft carrier

Creating a full-scale aircraft carrier was not only not impossible but it had a very remarkable completion and detail thanks to the efforts of a passionate Lego: Jim McDnonough . This Scottish fisherman spent 3 years building the B-63 USS model , 7 meters long.

9. Lego Theme Parks

Today there are several parks on the world of Lego, magnificent recreation on this wonderful world of building pieces. There are huge sculptures and figures with all kinds of details. Today there are six spread across the world (three in Europe, two in the US and one in Asia). The largest at present is the one in Florida . A must see for any fan.

10. Ball machine

A final surprise, quite original. It is a machine that throws and stores 500 small balls and moves them at full speed along a 31-meter-long construction . Up to 600 hours were used in its creation. An example of ingenuity and talent.

And you? Do you know some new Lego constructions that you can recommend us? Leave your opinion in comments.