5 tips to use less electricity with air conditioning

5 tips to use less electricity with air conditioning

Are you still resisting or have you already had to put the air conditioning on? If your house looks like hell itself, chances are that by this time of summer you have already had to activate this blessed device. High temperatures are not good allies for well-being and concentration, but the truth is that if you abuse it, the air conditioning can go out of your face.

In fact, with the arrival of heat, the use of air conditioners can cause an increase of up to 30% in the electricity bill . Which can finally translate into nothing more and nothing less than 400 extra euros in your annual bill.

And the same goes for our vehicles. Most of us no longer think of traveling with the windows down. Getting into a car that has spent several hours in the sun can be a real cruelty in the middle of August. And the consumption of air conditioning in the vehicle can increase fuel consumption. As you read it: between 5% and 20%.

windows closed

What can we do to use less electricity?

If you have the air conditioning installed, the most sensible thing to do is use it and forget about suffering from the heat of heat. However, if you are one of those who are especially concerned about consumption, today we want to offer you a series of tips with which you can save yourself a good peak.

Close doors and windows well

This is an advice that experts usually give in winter, to prevent the heating from escaping through any nooks or openings. However, this is also a golden recommendation for the summer . We want the air conditioning to acclimatise the room in the shortest possible time, so it is very important to have the doors and windows closed properly.

Don't choose too low temperatures

We have a bad habit of choosing very low temperatures in our air conditioners because we think it will be a good way to cool down a room as quickly as possible. But the recommendations for consumption do not go exactly in this direction. The Ministry of Industry recommends having the thermostats at about 24 degrees . Not by selecting a lower temperature, like 18 or 20 degrees, the room will cool down sooner. But if we try it this way, we will end up spending more.

Buy an efficient appliance

If you have to change the air conditioning equipment, it is important that you pay attention to the energy label. Although at the time of acquiring it it may be expensive, you will see that in the end the investment is compensated by the reduction in the electricity bill. Get a device as efficient as possible, with an A +++ rating. In the end you can detect a saving of up to 40% in the amount of the invoice. 

Ventilate the house well

During the first and last hours of the morning, the temperature is much more pleasant outside . And this is a good time to air out the house. This will help you clean the air, but also, it will allow you to reduce the temperature of all the rooms in your home.


Control blinds, awnings and curtains

Yes, they are elements that can also help you fight high temperatures. Lowering blinds, awnings or drawing curtains at times of maximum heat can contribute to less heat entering the home. From there, the performance of your air conditioner will improve dramatically .

If you want to start saving this summer , we recommend you follow these tips, provided by GANA ENERGÍA, an electricity marketer with which you will have the opportunity to save on your electricity bills.