10 wooden tech gadgets


Amazon  has in its extensive catalog a line of technological products made of wood. They are the so - called eco-tech products and we can find from wireless chargers for mobiles to a complete speaker system. Today we are going to talk about ten products that are part of this line: a USB memory, a mobile phone case, a set of computer speakers, a mouse, a scale, a wireless charger for mobile phones, a watch, a record player, a humidifier and headphones. Let's review its characteristics.

Aricona USB Flash Drive


We begin the review with an original USB memory made of wood. It offers 8GB storage capacity and a USB 2.0 / 1.1 connector . In this case we show you the image of the version with the hidden USB, but there are more models to choose from. Its price is 12 euros .

Agent case for iPhone 4 and 4S


The Agent case for the iPhone 4 and 4S is actually made of plastic, but it has a wood coating that gives it a very original look. It has dimensions of 12.7 x 11.4 x 1.3 cm and a weight of 82 grams. It is also resistant to dust and scratches . The Agent wooden case is priced at 12 euros .

Trust Vigor computer speakers


Wood is the main element used to make speakers. Trust has in its catalog the Vigor model , a set of speakers made up of two satellites and a subwoofer made of wood. They offer a power of 50 watts RMS  and incorporate a wired remote control through which we can control the general volume and also adjust the bass. In addition, the control knob offers a headphone connection . The speaker system Trust Vigor also includes a saving mode energy that is activated when the speakers are not used for one hour. These speakers are priced at 67 euros .

Tonor bamboo wireless mouse


This Tonor brand wireless mouse is made from eco-friendly and recyclable bamboo . The use of bamboo instead of plastic makes the mouse more solid and also helps with the sweat of the hand on hot days. It is a simple mouse, with two buttons and a scroll wheel. It has dimensions of 17.5 x 9.9 x 4.6 cm and a weight of 159 grams. The Tonor bamboo mouse is priced at 23 euros .

Scale Xavax


Another product that we can find made of wood is this scale from the Xavax brand . It incorporates a sensor with high precision technology to display the exact weight on its LCD panel with blue light. The surface of the scale is made of bamboo and has dimensions of 300 x 300 x 32 millimeters. Its current price is just over 33 euros .

Fonesalesman WoodPuck Wireless Charging


The Fonesalesman brand  offers us a wireless charger with Qi technology made from Mao Zhu bamboo . The WoodPuck charger seeks to highlight the purity of the material with which it has been manufactured, so it conceals its socket and micro-USB plug making the internal Qi technology of the device even more discreet. The charger has dimensions of 15 x 15 x 4 centimeters with a weight of 181 grams. It is compatible with any device with Qi technology such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge . Its current price is 30 euros .

Bewell Clock


This watch from the Bewell brand offers a reddish color thanks to the sandalwood with which it is made. It consists of a round dial with an analogue mechanism and a diameter of 45 millimeters. Both the watch case and the strap are made of 100% natural wood , which makes this watch recommended for people with very sensitive skin. This Bewell wooden watch is currently priced at 55 euros .

Sunstech PXR3 turntable


As we mentioned before, music and wood have always been very close. The Sunstech PXR3 turntable is made of wood and offers two playback speeds: 33 and 45 rpm. The turntable has a pair of built-in stereo speakers rated at 1.5 watts . In addition to vinyl playback, the Sunstech PXR3 incorporates an analog AM / FM radio tuner and is capable of recording directly from the turntable to a USB drive or SD / MMC card . The Sunstech PXR3 turntable is currently priced at 84 euros .

Patuoxun humidifier


Patuoxun offers this humidifier and air purifier made of hard plastic imitating wood and with ultrasonic technology. The humidifier has a compact and elegant design with an oval base in wood color and a top that lights up in 7 different colors . The Patuoxun humidifier  is also compatible with aromatherapy essences . It uses cold steam and has a safety system that disconnects the device when it runs out of water. The Patuoxun humidifier  is priced at 31 euros .

Winintone Premium RG-EB860 Headphones


We finish our selection of wood tech products with these Winintone brand  headphones made from real ebony wood . It is a wired stereo headset that combines wood and stainless steel, as well as incorporating a noise cancellation system. Winintone headphones are priced at 93 euros .