AquaReturn, a water and gas saving system made in Spain


AquaReturn is a system of saving water and energy invented and manufactured in Spain. It works to reduce waste when using hot water . Avoid wasting dozens of liters of water while waiting for hot water to reach the tap to, for example, take a bath. It is a small box that is installed under the sink, and is then connected to a socket. The appliance prevents the water from flowing out of the tap until it reaches a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. At that moment, it beeps to warn that hot water is already circulating in all the taps in the house. The system is activated when the hot water tap in the sink where it is located is opened.

How does AquaReturn ? Creates a circuit using piping hot and cold water that reintroduces the water that would have ended in the desagí¼e back into the boiler. The recirculated water increases in temperature in the meantime. With this system, depending on the home, it is possible to save more than 8,000 liters of water per year. In addition, it reduces the consumption of gas or other fuel for the boiler . Water that is warm, but not yet hot enough, stays in the circuit instead of going down the drain. In this way, this additional thermal input at the water inlet helps the boiler to reach the optimum temperature earlier.


The installation of AquaReturn is very simple and does not require any works. Just follow the instructions inside the product box. The manufacturer recommends placing it under the sink of the bathroom furthest from the boiler, because it is there that takes longer to get hot water. It can also be put under the sink. It is enough to put just one to service all the hot water taps in the house. It is installed directly connected to the washbasin hoses and is powered connected to a socket. It is suitable for homes with a boiler, water heater or individual heater, but it is not designed for community centralized domestic hot water installations. For the rest, it is compatible with any kind of boiler or heater.

It has a 2-meter long power cable and can be installed vertically or horizontally. The computer measures 21.8 by 10.6 centimeters and 13 . When it is installed on the stopcocks under the sink, the manufacturer recommends leaving a minimum distance of 19 centimeters below the counter. In addition, the distance between the stopcocks and the drain should not exceed 14 centimeters.

It can also be installed at the water outlet of the boiler. This would help to save water, but not energy, because the pipes would still be cold and the hot water would cool down as it passes through them until it reaches the bathroom faucet. The maximum efficiency is achieved when it is placed near the final destination of the hot water. It is possible to find the AquaReturn system for sale at a price of 272 euros .