Spotify, how to view song lyrics while they sound

spotify lyrics

Services streaming music or via Internet have managed to conquer half the world users, especially the popular Spotify . It is not for less after offering a vast catalog of classical music, current and of all styles , with the exception of the Beatles and Taylor Swift , in addition to other interesting features that are added if you decide to pay monthly for the music. service. But did you know that you can also enjoy the lyrics of the songs in this service? Here we tell you step by step how to follow them both in the application for computers and for smartphones .

For a long time, one of the most accused requests by Spotify users was to be able to see the lyrics of the songs they were listening to. And it is that, despite the playlists , being able to follow artists or be aware of the news, it was a question that had been left off the system. Until the agreement with Musixnatch , a service that focuses precisely on offering song lyrics to users, appeared on the scene .

In the computer

Thus, users of Spotify through the application computers have much of the work already done. And it is that the agreement of Spotify and Musixmatch integrates perfectly in this service. All you have to do is start playing any song. During the playback of the same, just in the lower right part of the screen, next to the timeline of the song, the word Lyrics or Lyrics appears . Just by clicking on it, this information appears on the screen, and you can read each verse at will, following the music if you prefer.

And, one of the strengths of this integration is that the lyrics follow the rhythm of the music , acting as if it were karaoke . In this way, the verses of the song that are playing are shown, in addition to the next one so as not to waste a second looking for the next word that the singer will sing. All a comfort to be able to continue doing other things or not have to guide or find where the song and the lyrics are.

On mobile

Spotify users from smartphone or tablet , however, need to take one more step. In your case, it is necessary to download the Musixmatch application (available on Google Play, App Store and Windows Phone Store ), where all these lyrics are collected. After starting the application, you have to display the menu and click on the FloatingLyrics option , selecting Spotify after the tutorial to make the lyrics appear when you listen to music on this service. Of course, you have to make sure you have the broadcast function active in the Settings menu of Spotify .

spotify lyrics

In this way, although only on Android devices , every time music starts playing on Spotify , fully automatically, a floating window appears on the device with the lyrics of the song. Always synchronized and marking the verse that is playing in large, and in small the next.

Of course, to be able to read these lyrics during playback on Spotify it is necessary that they are in the Musixmatch system . If this is not the case, in the computer version of this music service, it is possible to add it manually if desired for the good of the rest of the users.

spotify lyrics