5 tips for taking good photos in the snow

5 tips for taking good photos in the snow

© Richard Walch

The ski season begins and surely more than one will spend a few days in the mountains to practice their favorite sport. And, as in any other event that we have in view, the photographs are sure to be an important part of it. However, we can find many challenges when taking photos on the mountain. From low light conditions to a changing weather situation, not to mention the photos we want to take of some quick movements. So, with the help of professional extreme sports photographer Richard Walch, Canon shares with us a series of tips and suggestions for amateur photographers to take better photos in the snow .

Richard Walch is a photographer with more than 25 years of professional experience. He has worked in some of the most spectacular mountain areas in the world, so he knows what he is talking about. The tips he has published in collaboration with Canon range from how to select the best spots, to the proper camera settings, the necessary equipment and how to take the perfect selfie on the mountain. Let's review them.

Find the best conditions for the photo

5 tips for taking good photos in the snow instead

© Richard Walch

Sunrises and sunsets are usually the best times to take pictures. The same is true in the snow, where these hours of the day offer perfect light for taking photos of the ski slopes. However, it is difficult to predict the weather on the mountain and, in addition, it can change without warning. So Walch suggests getting to the highlands early to locate an optimal photographic position and have plenty of time to set up your equipment and capture these precious moments of perfect light against a background of fresh snow.

If we dare, we can even spend the night in a mountain hut . This will allow us to capture the sunrise and make the most of the time available.

On the other hand, it will not hurt to carry a light camera with us, since we will have to walk a lot. We will also need a bright lens, like an f / 1.8 or even an f / 1.4 . And we must never forget that before going up the mountain it is necessary to check the weather forecasts the day before.

Adjust the camera properly

5 tips for taking good photos in the snow adjust the camera

© Richard Walch

The mountain sun is different. If you have ever been in the snow, surely you have noticed that the sun does not shine in the same way as, for example, on the beach. The glare from snow can cause the photo to be overexposed if the camera settings are not correct.

The best way to prevent overexposure in these conditions is to manually select a shutter speed of 1 / 2,000 , aperture at f / 8, and sensitivity to ISO 200 . And if we are shooting in automatic mode (not recommended), we must make sure to compensate the exposure between +1 to +3 steps. If we don't, the photos will be too dark.

The perfect selfie in the mountains too

5 tips for taking good photos in the snow selfies

© Richard Walch

Selfies have become the most shared photos on the web, so we sure want to take one in the snow. To get it to be perfect we must plan it well. For example, we must bear in mind that we will almost always have a bright white background , so a good choice of the color of jackets and overalls is skiing is important.

And when it comes to composition, Richard Walch recommends that we choose a nice background, like a mountain range. On the other hand, to get a correct exposure it is better if the sun shines on people's faces or from the side . If we take photos with the camera pointed at the sun, the faces will be dark.

Winter sports are very photogenic

5 tips for taking good photos in the snow winter sports

© Richard Walch

If you want to take advantage of your visit to the snow to take more spectacular photographs, a good idea is to find a place where winter sports are practiced . Both skiing and snowboarding are practiced throughout Europe, from the Swiss Alps to the slopes of France.

Walch says that wherever we go, the most important thing is to ascend to the top of the mountain when the snow is cooler and the sun is shining .

Choose your camera and additional equipment wisely

Last but not least, we must choose very well the team that we are going to take with us. On the one hand, the camera, which should be powerful, reliable and, if possible, compact. In addition, it is recommended that the camera has a viewfinder , because sometimes in the mountains there is too much light to compose an image just by viewing it on the screen.

5 tips for taking good photos in the snow choosing equipment

© Richard Walch

If we are going to take a lot of snow sports photographs we will need a fast and precise focus . Also a burst shot capable of capturing the maximum possible photographs without blocking.

And as for the extra equipment, Richard Walch comment that it is highly recommended to bring at least a couple of spare batteries . Cold hands also make it difficult to use the camera and its accessories; so we will need gloves that are warm but at the same time allow normal mobility .

Although it may seem obvious, a sturdy backpack will be absolutely essential . It will help us to adequately protect our equipment, even if we suffer a fall. You cannot miss sunglasses with good protection from ultraviolet rays.

Do you already have everything? Well now you just need to find the perfect place and decide to make a getaway with your camera.