How to activate and what is the God mode of Windows 10 for

How to activate and what is the God mode of Windows 10 for

If you have Windows 10 and you are an advanced user, you may know very well that this operating system has a function that experts have dubbed "God Mode". This feature allows users to access certain advanced features of the platform.

This tool can be very useful for application developers, gamers and, in general, expert users of the Microsoft platform. What is clear is that by activating the famous God mode (which by the way, is not a difficult procedure), the user will have access to everything - or almost everything - of the operating system configuration .

Although it is true that the Windows 10 Control Panel is quite specific to be able to configure the different options of the platform, there are quite a few tasks and hidden options that we can only activate through God Mode . And although these options are available in the operating system, they are not accessible to the common user.

It was available for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, so it could not be missing in Windows 10, which is the most recent version. Today we want to take a look at this feature and help you activate it . You will see that it is very easy and that it only takes a few seconds.

god mode windows 10

How to activate God mode

To activate God mode, all you really need to do is activate a folder on the desktop. You can do it as follows:

1. Access the desktop and click the right mouse button on a free space. Select the option New> Folder , as if you were creating a folder from a lifetime. We have decided to create it on the desktop, because access is much more convenient, but you should know that you can place it wherever you want.

god windows mode

2. Once the folder has been created and as usual, you will have to name it, otherwise "New folder" will be created by default and this will not help us. Much less in this case. The title for this folder will be the following: "God Mode. {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}" .

Copy this entire sequence, without the quotes, but without removing any of the elements: no brackets, no periods and include the name "God Mode" . If you removed any character the procedure would fail, and God Mode could not be enabled.

3. You will see that when you click OK, the folder is not enabled with the classic “folder” icon , but with a blue icon that has already been defined as God Mode . And you don't have to do anything else, from now on you can delve into the bowels of Windows settings and start messing around. Mind you, make sure you know what you do.

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What is God mode for

You have already seen that activating God mode in Windows 10 is very simple . All you have to do is create a folder. But what is it for? Well, very easy: to access the guts of Windows and fiddle between all its options and settings, which you couldn't do from the “classic” configuration section of Windows 10.

Access the folder you have created and you will see a display full of configuration and customization options . You must be very careful, because if you do not know what you have in hand, touching any option or modifying it can bring you real headaches.

While it is true that some options only have to do with the aesthetics and appearance of the operating system, in this case Windows 10, others are closely linked to the operation of the computer , both at the software and hardware level.