Samsung DA-E550, audio dock for iPod, iPhone and other smartphones

samsung da-e550

Samsung has decided to give a twist to the design of the iPod docks . Some products in the DS-E range have a tubular shape that looks like a piece of an elephant horn. This is the case of the Samsung DA-E550 . It is one of the basic models within the manufacturer's audio catalog. However, its slightly curved tube shape finished in white is very pleasing to the eye. The configuration with the two loudspeakers , the one corresponding to the left channel and the one for the right channel, located covering both ends of the tube is not a simple aesthetic question.

The goal of the engineers who designed these products is for the speakers to be able to fire the sound at the user, not directly to their ears, but rather so that it reaches them after bouncing off the walls and furniture in the room. This increases the feeling of spaciousness that the listener perceives. This Samsung offers stereo sound thanks to a class D amplifier with an output power of 10 watts in total, enough for a not too large room. In addition, it has a bass reinforcement system , which is especially appreciated in the most modern musical styles.

samsung da-e550

The open-design speakers employ the manufacturer's Phase Plug technology , designed to increase audio clarity and depth even in the subtlest passages, at low volumes. Although it comes with a small remote control , the volume, play and pause buttons are located on the upper right side of the equipment, and are almost imperceptible, although they can be felt by touch.

The digital connector for an iPhone or iPod is removable; is hidden and out of sight when not in use. However, this audio base can not only be used with Apple devices with iOS operating system . It is also valid for other smartphones , especially for the Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note . For those other smartphones with Android operating system there is a USB port with a mini connector located just behind the 30-pin connector that Apple uses on iPod , iPhone and iPad.. For this reason, the Korean manufacturer has named these products that are valid for both the iPhone or iPod and Android smartphones as " dual docks ". In all cases, the device's battery is recharged while it is connected to the base.

It is compatible with the most common compressed audio formats: MP3, WMA and AAC . Unlike its catalog companion, the DA-650, this Samsung DA-E550 lacks Bluetooth. Finally, it is a fairly compact product, which can be placed on any shelf and even on a table. In fact, it measures 462.7 millimeters wide, 151.8 millimeters high, and 122.3 millimeters deep. Throughout the next month of April, the Samsung DA-E550 will begin to be distributed in the points of sale of our country.