ChickHEN, an application to break the protection of the PSP 3000

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PSP 3000 , Sony's latest portable console , until PSP GO! , has already been hacked . ChickHEN is an application that modifies the PSP in such a way that it can load homebrew programs . Of course, this does not mean that you can load copies of video games , simply software created by users, such as some emulators . The main advantage of this ChickHEN is that, unlike other methods known as Custom Firmware , with which you can play illegal copies, it does not modify the flash, which is the internal memory of the console. Therefore, thePSP is less at risk.

Although, as always, it should be noted that this type of modification has two drawbacks. One, the most important, that it can damage the machine . And, two, that the right to the manufacturer's warranty is lost by having manipulated its interior. However, if you are willing to take the risk, here we explain how to install it with a small tutorial and we show a demonstration video of it.

First of all, it is necessary to have the Official Firmware 5.03 for PSP . Afterwards, the memory card will have to be formatted . Next, download the ChickHEN Mod2 , which consists of two types of files. A Picture folder , whose content we will have to copy to the console in the Photo subfolder , inside the PSP folder . And another file in BIN format called "H", which we will have to put in the root of the memory card.

The next step will be to turn on the console, go to the Images section, open the Memory Card and follow the procedure for the corresponding console. For PSP Slim & Lite we will let the ChickHEN image load , and then we will open it with the X button . For PSP 3000 we will also let the image load but we will not press X, but we will go down to the last image . Then the ChickHEN will load, the console will restart and we will have the new firmware 5.03 ChickHEN Mod2 . It is possible that after doing the whole procedure the PSPlocks up and turns off. This is normal, it will take several attempts. Here we show a video published on YouTube with a demonstration of the process ...

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Sony has already released new updates for the PSP firmware and has fixed the vulnerability . That is why it is impossible to install it if you have an update after version 5.03 .

ChickHEN is the work of Dark-Alex, the famous Spanish video game hacker and his team. A modification that has taken four weeks of work and 1,400 lines of code.

Via: SlashDot