Denon DHT-S514, sound bar with 150 euros discount for the World Cup

Denon DHT-S514, sound bar with 150 euros discount for the World Cup

There is less left until the World Cup begins and it is an excellent opportunity to buy a sound bar at a good price. Denon knows it and that is why it has reduced 150 euros from its DHT-S514 bar, which has a bass cajon without cables. The bar is very thin with a section of 8 x 7.8 centimeters and one meter wide, ideal to combine it with a television from 42 inches. If you want to take advantage of the offer, run because it will only be valid until June 30: it goes from 550 to 400 euros.

Better sound

We already know how flat today's televisions can be: as much as practically a thin layer on a wall. But that lack of volume has the counterpart of a sound that also becomes disembodied, too bland. That's what sound bars are for, and better if like this Denon they include a separate bass box.

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In the end the only way to generate good bass is by moving more volume of air. For that you need good sized speakers. Two 5.25-inch -diameter drives are concealed in a bass-reflex cavity in the Denon's drawer . Thanks to the dedicated 50 watts of power, they can drop down to 40 Hz extension. And offer a good impact, let the music "feel". Whether it's earthquakes and explosions from a movie, or the lowest notes on an organ or double bass, the Denon will give us just the right sound.

The bar itself is optimized for mids and highs - Thanks to not having to reproduce the difficult (by volume) bass frequencies. It has two half-inch tweeters and two 2 × 5-inch midrange speakers (they are oval). With them, and the bass assured by the cajon, the voices will be clear. And the details of the music will reach us better.

Wired and wireless connections

The connectivity of the Denon DHT-S514 is ensured with its digital inputs (optical and coaxial). Also for its input plus HDMI output. With a single HDMI to the TV and thanks to the ARC system we can have all the sources connected to the TV. And always listen to the Denon bar, It also has a stereo jack (3.5mm) for any type of portable source. But the best thing is that it also connects wirelessly. The subwoofer does not need them (separate plug). And the bar has Bluetooth (even aptX). This will make it very easy to send you music from a mobile, tablet or computer.

As for sound systems, the Denon logically decodes Dolby Digital and DTS.  In addition to the usual music formats. The digital control adds functions such as Dynamic Bass or Virtual Surround. They will help improve the spectacularity of the sound if we wish. In addition to the convenient remote control, the Denon DHT-S514 can learn TV remote control commands (volume). It can be placed on a piece of furniture, or hung on the wall, depending on how we have the television and we prefer.

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