Gigaset Sculpture, a designer cordless phone for the home

Sculpture CL750 02It is elegant and it is functional. What more could you want? We are talking about the new wireless terminal that the German company Gigaset has just presented . This is the Gigaset Sculpture , a cordless phone for the home that at first glance draws attention for its design, but also impresses with its list of specifications . And is that the equipment has a screen, ideal to see the numbers and the different options with total clarity. It also enjoys a ton of features that make it ideal to have at home and meet communication demands.that users have. If you are interested in getting a cordless phone with advanced design and features, you should know that the new Gigaset Sculpture has been on sale in Spain since October 1 for 80 euros (VAT 21%) included. You will find it in electronics stores and authorized dealers.

Sculpture CL750 01

As you can see, the Gigaset Sculpture is a stylish phone. And what a design. It has been manufactured with super resistant materials, which model a sinuous, avant-garde and very elegant terminal . In Spain we will find it available in a combination of white and champagne colors, which gives it a current and renewed finish. But, what other characteristics can we highlight about this team? The Gigaset Sculpture features a 1.8-inch color TFT display with 65,000 colors, which combines its operation with a physical keyboard that is very pleasant to the touch and easy to use. You will see, when you click on the numbers, how fast they are dialed. But there is more. As is usually the case with most phones of this type, the new Gigaset Sculpture has a phone book for 200 contacts , to which you can also link up to three different numbers : for example, home, mobile and any other that can also be linked to them.

It includes an alarm, calendar and a reminder for birthdays that will be great if you are one of those who always forget important dates. You will no longer have an excuse not to congratulate your aunt. But there is more. The new Gigaset Sculpture also features a “baby phone” system with an intercom function and a full-duplex hands-free mode . The sound quality is High Sound Performance (HSP) , so you will enjoy a practically crystal-clear level in your conversations.

We end by mentioning an innovative feature. And the Gigaset Sculpture also has an eco-friendly touch . Within the family of smartphones that the Gigaset company has in its catalog, this is integrated under the ECO DECT label of those that are ecological, because it has - among other things - an ECO mode that when activated begins to reduce energy consumption up to 80% . In addition, with the ECO Plus mode the user can stop the transfer of energy and thus stop the radiation when the equipment is not used, is on standby or is in the base station.

As we indicated at the beginning, the Gigaset Sculpture is already on sale in our country. Available in a single white and champagne combination , the terminal has a recommended price of 80 euros . Taxes included.