How to download the PADRE program to make the 2013 Income Declaration

Income 2013 01

Just a few days ago, we told you that it was already possible to download the draft to make the 2013 Income , a document that is very useful to check what information the Tax Agency has about our fiscal year and complete it, a posteriori, with more data that has not been included. The objective? Get the declaration to be as favorable as possible and that we can present it quickly through the Internet. But to modify the draft, another tool is necessary that has not been available until today, Tuesday, April 8, 2014 . We refer, of course, to the famous PADRE Program , a very simple and easy-to-use software that the Tax Agencymakes it available to taxpayers so that they can modify the draft and submit the 2013 Income Tax return online , without having to move from home or stand in long lines at the Agency's offices . Here's how you can download the draft in a few easy steps. Let's go there!

Income 2013 02

1) Downloading this software is very easy. You just have to access the official page of the Tax Agency , in the 2013 Income section .

2) At the bottom left of the page you will see a yellow button corresponding to the download of the PADRE 2013 Program . Click on it or access it directly from the link that we provide.

3) Now you have to choose which version you need depending on the operating system you use. If you are a lifelong Windows user (which will be the most common) click on Windows Version . If you have a computer with either of the other two platforms, click on the appropriate: Linux or Mac OS X . You can also download by downloading a compressed file. Choose the option you prefer. In this case, all roads lead to Rome.

4) But be careful. The system will ask you to have a Java Virtual Machine installed for the correct execution of this program . The Tax Agency itself facilitates the download and installation of this add-on, from the download page of the PADRE 2013 program .

PADRE 2014 Program

5) When you click on the program that you have decided to install, the package will begin to download to your computer. In a few minutes you should have it. It is likely that it will run automatically or that you will have to order the execution yourself by clicking on the corresponding EXE file .

6) Follow the instructions given by the installation wizard. Choose a destination directory for the program and click Next . At the end, you will be able to start the program or add the icon to the desktop , for quicker access.

7) In just a few minutes, you will enter the PADRE 2013 Program and you will have the opportunity to start a new 2013 Income Statement . Here you can upload the draft you have downloaded and start modifying it according to your tax situation. At the end of the process, the PADRE 2013 Program itself will allow you to officially present the declaration.