The complete collection of Micromania and Nintendo Action uploads to the network

The complete collection of Micromania and Nintendo Action uploads to the network

Crazy about video games, you are in luck. They have uploaded a huge number of classic video game magazines to the page. Specifically, three are the names of specialized magazines that we can find in a large number of formats such as EPUB, PDF or KINDLE: Micromanía, Nintendo Acción and Microhobby, three publications that the most veteran of the place will remember for occupying, in their day, privileged places in the kiosk, next to the typical magazines of the heart that were consumed in bulk.

To locate the magazines, you just have to enter the page and, in the search engine, place the name of one of the three publications.

nintendo action

Then click the profile publication

nintendo action 02

On the next screen you will see the complete collection of items that are registered in the Archive library. You can sort the collection by publication day, title, or creator.

Micromania, Nintendo Action and Microhobby, magazines that marked an era

With the appearance of the video game on personal computers, specialized magazines grew like mushrooms in the kiosks of the cities. Three of them stood out from the rest, some of them even continued to be published to this day. For example, Nintendo Action closed its doors in December last year, after 26 years focused on the Nintendo house. Micromanía, the flagship publication of the computer video game, became, on the date of its appearance in May 1985, one of the first publications in all of Europe to focus on video games. In 2012 it closed, by including Hobby Consolas, a magazine from the same publishing group, its own section of games for PC.

The complete collection of Micromania and Nintendo Action uploads to network 1

As a curiosity, we could add that Micromanía, in its second era in 1988, adopted the curious A3 format more typical of newspapers . In this way they could illustrate their pages, in a much more correct way, with the different game maps to guide the reader on their journey.

For its part, Microhobby was not as well known as the other two, but it was much loved by a sector of the public, specifically the one who owned a Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer . Now, all these magazines no longer exist, but thanks to the fan can give them a second life and remember unforgettable moments between their pages.